Refurbished furniture sales on eBay skyrocket

eBay has found that more customers than ever are actively choosing to buy sustainable homeware, which is a huge boost to the refurbished homeware market. Refurbished furniture is as sustainable as possible, although products that are truly locally made from renewable resources are also popular, as the success of eBay for Business award winner Sustain Furniture shows.

Due to the ongoing retail closings, the pandemic has seen more and more people buying home furniture online, which of course has also resulted in higher returns on stocks that are largely as good as new. However, consumers are increasingly looking for greener options for decorating their home, which has led to a surge in the search for renovated options.

Searches for “renovated sofa” increased 133% year over year in 2020 and searches for “renovated bed” increased 50%.
The search for “eco furniture” and “sustainable furniture” showed a huge increase in 2020 compared to 2019 by 123% and 171% respectively.

eBay seller Clearcycle

One of the companies that has benefited from this trend is Wigan-based eBay seller ClearCycle, which recycles and sells returned or surplus housewares from designer brands such as Cox & Cox, Nectar Sleep, Swoon and Highstreet TV. The company, which is on eBay as ClearDeals Outlet, saw massive sales growth of 205% year over year in 2020.

The business model aims to reduce the environmental impact by diverting returned and surplus goods from the landfill. The products are being redesigned and resold on eBay almost 50% below the MSRP, which doubles the life of the product. Since it started in 2016, ClearCycle has grown in five years to a team of 15 employees who maintain and sell these products. Other important retail highlights are:

  • Over 1,300 refurbished sofas sold
  • Refurbished device sales increased 271%, with over 2,000 NutriBullets being resold at a 50% discount
  • Refurbished furniture sales rose 169%, with 6,287 sofas, tables, chairs, and more being renovated and resold

“Over the past year, more and more consumers have bought home furnishings and accessories online, which of course has led to higher returns. With showrooms temporarily closed for much of 2020, ClearCycle has helped retailers find value and return inventory that would otherwise be diverted to landfill. It has also happened at a time when consumers are more willing to buy sustainably, proving that people can still buy quality furniture and accessories, which is better for the environment and great value for money for the customer is. “
– Daniel Hague, ClearCycle Commercial Director

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“ClearCycle is such an exciting and innovative company that we are excited to partner with eBay UK. It’s clear that more people than ever are investing in the spaces they live in – whether it’s buying a new sofa, splashing furniture, or upgrading kitchen appliances. The stamp duty vacation has also given the industry a major boost as tenants become owners and have to furnish a brand new home for the first time. Reconditioned items are clear to many, not only because they are more sustainable but also because they are great value for money. This customer interest is a trend that we expect to continue – from which both larger and smaller furniture retailers can continue to benefit. “
– Alex Hiatt, UK Home and Garden Category Manager, eBay

ClearCycle, along with all of the other small business sellers on the platform, can benefit from eBay’s seller listing, which is currently available throughout February. To help retailers facing another month of shutdown and uncertainty, eBay has removed all listing fees for new businesses registering on eBay UK and given sellers registered in 2020 50 free listings and 50% off full-value fees .

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