Red Carpet Inn To Be Demolished — Muncie Journal

The group photo includes: Dan Ridenour – Mayor of Muncie, Ralph Smith – Alderman, Richard Ivy – Alderman, Troy Ingram – Alderman, Aaron Clark – Alderman, Chandra Parks – Southside Neighborhood Association, Gretchen Cheeseman – Community Development, Steve Selvey – Construction Commissioner, Rebecca Moon – Senior Structural Inspector, Superintendent of Carl Malone-Parks. Photo provided

By: Muncie City Communications Office –

Muncie, IN – The ruined building that was once known as the Red Carpet Inn in South Madison is due to be demolished. The current owner is not in the state and has not responded to the unsafe building authority. Community Development, the Building Commissioners Office and Mayor Dan Ridenour have pushed plans for the demolition.

Complete Demolition Services of Louisville, Kentucky will complete the demolition of the building for a total of $ 289,400. One of the main obstacles to Complete Demolition Services is asbestos removal, the cost of which is estimated at $ 97,400. $ 192,000 will make up the remainder of the demolition cost. The initial funding for the demolition comes from the Unsafe Building Fund, the Mayor’s EDIT Fund, and the Community Development Block Grant.

The asbestos removal is scheduled to begin on June 22nd and is expected to take 1 month. The demolition is scheduled to begin in late July or early August. Completion is planned for some time in October.

“Demolishing this property will help keep our community safe and clean,” said Ridenour. “This project was a team effort and I’m proud of the hard work that has been put into it. I’m sure this will make a huge difference on the south side of Muncie. “

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