DeLisa Demolition won the district’s garbage deal in 2015, which is now pending return. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)


Redbankgreen hot topicRed Bank Business Administrator Ziad Shehady has asked elected officials to discuss privately what he describes as an effort by a councilor to “sabotage” the process of awarding a new garbage disposal contract. red bank green have learned.

Councilor Ed Zippich in 2018 above and Ziad Shehady in February below. (Photos by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

The claim is made in documents, some of which are less than 12 hours old red bank green Received Tuesday evening from an anonymous sender via an encrypted email service.

The authenticity of the documents could not be verified immediately. But Shehady in response to a red bank green According to research, the documents appeared authentic “at a glance”, although he had not carefully checked them for possible changes from the originals.

He also said some of the documents “may be confidential so they should not be passed on to anyone outside of the original recipient.”

One of them is an email Shehady sent to Mayor Pasquale Menna and unspecified councilors, as well as District Attorney Greg Cannon, at 2:56 p.m. on Tuesday. In it Shehady wrote in part:

It seems to me that efforts are being made to sabotage this tender process, which already included a process to address potential concerns or questions from bidders and a mechanism for the county to issue an addendum to the RFP.

Shehady’s email relates to a letter to district officials from DeLisa Demolition President Tom DeLisa, also dated Aug. 4; and a chain of emails between Councilor Ed Zipprich and Shehady starting July 14th.

The chain closes with a July 17 email from Zipprich to Shehady containing “suspiciously and curiously very similar concerns and problems” about the bid parameters also quoted by DeLisa, Shehady wrote on Tuesday.

Issues in both countries include a district request that bids should include picking up trash from district schools five days a week, up from the current four times a week. Questions about who is responsible for supplying dumpsters in apartment and condominium complexes; and the cost implications of having the freight forwarder responsible for disposing of “white goods” equipment, a task now handled by the county public utilities department.

“[I]If I read the specs correctly, I am asking the prospective contractor to consider the “downside risk of negative earnings,” ”wrote Zipprich. “I’m not sure which contractor would be willing to take this risk as the market has become so unstable over the past 5 years.”

DeLisa’s August 4th letter has handwritten notes and questions in the margin, including a notation marked “Ed -” followed by Zipprich’s cell phone number.

Neither Zipprich nor DeLisa answered red bank green Requests for comments late Tuesday morning. Your responses, if any, will be included in updates to this post.

Among the questions we asked Zipprich was whether the concerns he raised were DeLisa’s and, if so, why he failed to disclose this in his July 17 email.

We asked DeLisa, based in Tinton Falls, why, when they had so many concerns about the terms of the offer, hadn’t raised them at a pre-bid conference scheduled for July 1 to discuss this type of bid Concern to hear. This event did not take place because no industry players showed up, Shehady said red bank green.

In 2015, DeLisa Demolition privatized the long-standing municipal garbage and recycling operations with a three-year bid of $ 1.49 million that undercut a handful of other competitors. The contract was later extended for two years and the option held by the municipality.

The new contract would go into effect on September 1 and will also be structured as a three-year contract with a two-year option, Shehady previously said.

Apparently, Shehady’s suspicion of Zipprich’s interest in the terms of the offer was immediate.

Minutes after Shehady received Zipprich’s July 17th email, he forwarded it to Cannon with the message, “For illustration purposes only, based on my experience with him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to sabotage this offer.”

Three days later, in an email to Cannon that was blindly copied to Menna and four other council members, Shehady wrote, “Greg, I just learned that there is, as I suspect, some behind-the-scenes interference. Apparently he is relaying complaints from Tommy Delisa that he has heard from him either directly or through Maria. “

Copied into the email are Menna and councilors Kate Triggiano, Hazim Yassin, Kathy Horgan, and Erik Yngstrom. Apparently Zipprich and Councilor Michael Ballard were not included.

Zipprich and Ballard are up for re-election in November before Republicans Jonathan Maciel Penney and Brian Irwin.

Shehady has asked the council to discuss the situation in the executive session at its monthly workshop meeting on Wednesday evening. In the meantime: “As of now there are no changes to the tendering process and it is going as planned,” he said red bank green.

Here are the documents:

Zipprich-Shehady emails 071420-072020

DeLisa letter 080420

Shehady email 080420 1

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