Randolph Hotel furniture sent to domestic violence refuges in Lithuania

Furniture removed from Oxford’s Randolph Hotel has been sent to charities in Lithuania, including those that run domestic violence shelters.

Last year the five-star hotel on Beaumont Street was bought by American chain Graduate Hotels and closed last month for a six-month renovation.

75 out of 84 employees were shocked to be told they would be fired before the overhaul.

The chain said it was a “difficult decision” to lay off employees.

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Movers were seen last month pulling old furniture from the five-star hotel on Beaumont Street. Now the goal has been announced.

The hotel group has been working with charity CleanConscience to find a new home for the old furniture – and said they could not donate locally due to coronavirus restrictions.

CleanConscience collects and packages furniture and toiletries, and partners with charities to distribute the items to those in need.

The organization has now grown to offer hotel releases and the redistribution of other waste equipment, surplus, or redundant items that hotels no longer need.

It supports 31 UK charities, one charity in Sierra Leone and six charities in Lithuania.

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A statement from the charity said: “The initiative with The Randolph originally planned to support local charities in Oxford but unfortunately items could not be taken on site due to Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions.

Oxford Mail:

“So the furniture traveled across Lithuania to help six charities and community groups in a village where project manager Viktorija is from. In total, bed frames, mattresses, sofas, chairs, tables, desks, lamps and more have found their way to Donate Needy to help 700 children: 80 orphans in nursing homes, the others in shelters, where they are protected from domestic violence and drug abuse by parents.

“In addition, 36 more mothers and their children who fled domestic violence received help at a Family Crisis Center, a charity and support center that serves 20,000 residents in need of financial and other assistance, and a new care home for 80 elderly people People.”

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CleanConscience also calculated the following statistics and figures for energy saving and waste avoidance from the project:

  • 45.2 tons of waste were avoided
  • Saved £ 49,000 in waste costs
  • 206.5 tons of CO2 were saved
  • £ 448,220 is the estimated value of property donated to charity.

Oxford Mail:

It is not yet known how the items were transported to Lithuania or whether this was taken into account in the CO2 calculations.

Philip Lewis, General Manager of the hotel said, “We are very excited to work with CleanConscious to do everything we can to give back during these difficult times.

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“Individuals and businesses alike have a responsibility to help the environment and reduce waste. These donated items are all in good condition and we’re happy that people can enjoy them longer.”

Oxford Mail:

Graduate Hotels have not yet announced the exact details of the redesign.

A possible name change to Graduate Oxford is now excluded.

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