Randolph County native expands real estate business into junk collection

A long-time fixture in the Randolph County’s real estate market, Donna Hughes is expanding her business to include processing and selling trash in people’s homes.

The goal of the business isn’t necessarily to generate the huge margins Hughes normally makes on real estate, but rather to provide a free service to a problem many homeowners struggle with.

“There are many people when a loved one dies. Not only do they have the trauma of losing them. Then you have to face responsibility for what to do with all of these things,” he explains to Hughes. “I have this Feeling that people take this as a consolation to help with. “

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The company will operate in collaboration with members of her family as well as Chris Wagner, the caretaker of Hopewell Elementary School. Donna’s family has collected, donated and auctioned rubbish in the past. Donna’s father was an auctioneer for several decades, and the auction company is now run by Donna’s cousin.

The rubbish disposal program will primarily focus on Randolph, Davidson, Guilford and Forsyth Counties. Depending on the customer’s wishes, the garbage can either be thrown away, donated or auctioned. Hughes has worked with donation centers like Susie’s House, a nonprofit that helps animals.

Hughes’ main goal is not only to help others but also to make new contacts in the real estate market who could support their business across the board. So far, the pandemic has not harmed Hughes’ real estate business in Randolph County and neighboring counties.

As families tried to downsize their homes or invest in a larger space with more outdoor amenities, the real estate market has remained strong throughout the pandemic.

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