Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning urges Austin homeowners to prevent major property damage associated with attic water heaters

“Very few houses in Texas have basements, so placing the water heater in the attic has long been standard, “said Brad Casebier, President and Founder of Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning. “But water heaters have a 100% failure rate – at some point every one of them fails, and that often means leaks.”

Even a hole leak in an attic water heater, if not detected, can cause significant structural damage as water penetrates the floor and walls around it. Any items kept near the heater are also damaged. Major leaks can quickly damage floors, insulation, and drywall, as well as furniture, carpets, and personal effects, resulting in a potentially lengthy, costly, and inconvenient cleaning process.

“The trend has reversed in recent years as the technology for instant water heaters has improved and people have become more aware of the disadvantages of putting the water heater in the attic,” said Casebier. “But it will be decades before the new build catches up, and by now most people are in Austin There is still a large, heavy container full of water up there that could leak at any moment. “

In addition to leaks, moisture from an attic water heater can contribute to mold formation. Attic water heaters are often inaccessible, making maintenance and repairs difficult and expensive.

Casebier recommends the following options to reduce the risk of unforeseen malfunctions of the water heater:

  • Schedule professional maintenance inspections twice a year and monitor them regularly for unusual noises or smells and external moisture.
  • If possible, move a water heater from the attic to the garage or another part of the house. Moving isn’t cheap, but it does eliminate the danger of a damaged or outdated water heater sitting upstairs in the house.
  • Invest in a water heater that can be installed outdoors and offers greater efficiency and performance. Since instantaneous water heaters only have a limited water supply, the potential for damage in the event of leaks is considerably reduced.

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