RACC rescues dog in ‘terrible shape’ from dumpster at Residences at Westover Hills

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Richmond Animal Care and Control said they found a dog in a dumpster at the residences in Westover Hills. The animal shelter is looking for the person responsible and wants to report it.

Residences in Westover Hills, Tina Burton, told 8News that her neighbor was “shocked” when she noticed something moving in the dumpster.

“My neighbor from the other side came over and said, ‘Hey, there’s a dog in the dumpster,” Burton said. The neighbor called her after she discovered the dog’s head.

“We both cried. My neighbor and I were both moved to tears that anyone can be so inhuman, ”said Burton.

According to Richmond Animal Care and Control, the 10-month-old puppy had starved to death, had wounds all over his body and spine, and was covered in feces. The two neighbors called the shelter immediately after spotting the dog.

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“He was in terrible shape; starved, covered in feces, with open wounds on the body, ”wrote RACC on Thursday morning on Facebook.

According to the Organization Facebook page, an officer took the dog out of the dumpster and took it straight to Virginia Veterinary Centers.

Christie Chipps Peters, director of Richmond Animal Care and Control, called the act “awful”.

“You couldn’t even tell that his feet were white. It was brown and gross that we assume was in a box for a long time. His little feet were spread apart, which we often see in dogs that are packed in boxes that are too small, “said Peters. “It’s such a mean act. This dog is not rubbish. He deserves a good life and anyone who would think that this is an adequate disposal of a live animal for us is gross. We hope that we can find some information about this person. “

Peters told 8News that there had been a huge increase in violent cases against animals in 2020. 15 dogs were shot. She believes 2021 will not be a good start.

The puppy, now called Blue Skies, is recovering from forearm surgery at Virginia Veterinary Centers. According to Peters, the dog should be brought back to the shelter on Friday or Saturday. To date, Richmond Animal Care and Control has received more than 50 emails about adoptions and more than 10 tips.

If you have information on who is responsible for this animal abuse, RACC requests that you call (804) -647-5573 or email [email protected]

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