Provide After Care to your Mattress to Increase its Life

In the old days people were tough and their stamina was good. This was because they lived a life where much hard work was done with devotion. They did not survive on junk food, only ate organic and natural vegetation. Even today people work harder for a living, but that hard work doesn’t involve physical labor.

Healthy lifestyle for a better life

If you ever visit a tribal area or village, you will never find anyone complaining about joint pain or health issues. This is because they have been taught to work a lot to stay healthy since childhood. Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the number one reason for a better life. Today the world is moving towards glamor and fake life that includes people who have nothing to do but waste money.

People work hard to live affordable lives, but in doing so they compromise their eating and sleeping habits. Because life has gotten so fast and the competition in the professional world is getting tougher, people don’t have time to take care of their health. By the time people realize the damage they have done, they either have an illness or are struggling for their lives in the hospital. The end result, therefore, is the loss of tension in the workplace and in the family.

Hence, it is necessary for people to take care of their health despite having a nomadic life or a hectic schedule. Just a few minutes of exercise, a healthy and nutritional diet, and adequate sleep hours are what we are talking about. When you don’t sleep well, you feel sluggish all day and skip your proper meal. To stay active, have a burger and coffee to keep yourself light. How do you think a burger full of cheese will keep you easy?

Well, there are several downsides to not getting a good night’s sleep. When you wake up in the morning you do not feel fresh but are tired, angry and angry. They grab whatever is between you and your mood. The only solution you can find is to drink plenty of coffee.

While in the office or elsewhere, look for seconds to fall asleep. This can be risky when you are in the driver’s seat. Also, your ability to learn will decrease because your brain won’t support you. This happens to children when they are not sleeping well. They are tired all day, asleep in class, and looking for ways to run away from physical activity as their bodies feel sluggish. This leads to boredom and poor classroom performance. Likewise, adults receive failure in life if they do not take care of their health.

Doctors say eight to nine hours of sleep are important to staying healthy. As you get older, your sleep hours worsen as your physical activity decreases, but even then people can manage the remaining hours in the afternoon. It is also said that it is not necessary that you get eight hours of sleep every day. There might be an exam for your child or you might have to prepare a presentation for tomorrow. In such cases, you can always balance your sleep on other days.

Here are some things you need to do to get a good night’s sleep –

  • Remove all devices
  • The right mattress for your spine

Remove all devices

It is said that electronic devices emit blue light, which triggers our melatonin, which is present in the brain. This melatonin determines our mood all day. That said, when melatonin is triggered, it sends a signal to our brain to stay active. When melatonin stays calm, it signals the brain to relax and makes you feel sleepy.

If you are using an electronic device like TV, laptop, Android phone, computer, tablet, etc. late at night, it can take hours to sleep because your brain cycle has reversed and you are not thinking about bedtime. Whether it is your child who loves watching cartoons or whether you or your spouse have a habit of finishing last-minute work late into the night, both of you have their daily routines to cope with.

All electronic devices should be turned off an hour before bedtime. The lights should be dimmed to give your eyes a calming effect. Wide lights often irritate your eyes. If you follow this routine strictly, your children will need to follow it so that the entire family is on the same path and no other option is left.

The right mattress for your spine

Not many of us know why we threw all night. We accuse our boss or family of causing stress and tension. In part it might be right, but you can also blame your old mattress sagging from the center and hugging you while you sleep.

A first class mattress plays an important role in our healthy life. Let’s take an example: if we sit in our chair in the office for eight hours, we get back pain because the chair was uncomfortable and the pillow was flattened from pressure. When you get up and stretch a little, you feel good.

The same thing happens with your mattress. Due to excessive pressure and stress, the mattress foam will flatten or bend in various places. Foam also breaks into pieces, which hurts your back tremendously. If you have a slack bed, sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your spine because your spine will bend along with your mattress. When sleeping sideways, always roll to where the slack is greater. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a proper mattress to sleep so that your neck or back does not hurt when you wake up in the morning.

To maintain the life of your mattress, you can always follow these simple steps:

  • Keep turning your mattress every two months. This eliminates pressure on one side and reduces the chance of lumps on the mattress. The foam mattress can be turned over, but instead of turning the innerspring mattress over, you have to turn it as the innerspring mattress is always harder at the bottom.
  • When removing it from the bed to open the bed box or when cleaning the bed, make sure that your mattress does not bend or fold. This can damage the foam or the coil inside.
  • If you are using a pillow protector, also use a mattress protector that is washable and can extend its life. These protectors do not allow body odor, sweat or stains to penetrate the foam and keep it dirt-free and hygienic for a long time.
  • If you keep your house clean by vacuuming regularly, include your mattress for cleaning once a week. Dirt, mites and allergens can be easily removed from bed linen using a vacuum. This is contagious and can lead to allergies.
  • Regularly clean your sheets and pillowcases, and use antiseptics occasionally to ensure that any mites, if any, are killed.
  • You may regularly keep your pet clean, but there are still mites hidden somewhere under the tail, and furry pets often shed hair. This can be contagious to your mattress when dragging your pet to bed for fun.
  • Do not sit on the edges of your mattress for a long time. This can break the foam or spring and sag from the center. Avoid sitting in the same place every time you get ready as this can put constant pressure on that part.
  • Kids just love jumping on the bed, never understanding why, even my mom told me how I damaged so many mattresses by jumping on them and breaking their coils and foam. Well, she never interrupted me in my fun activities but paid a lot for new mattresses. Likewise, you may like your child to enjoy jumping on the mattress, but that can make it an expensive proposition.
  • If your mattresses stink from odor and sweat, sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then vacuum clean them and enjoy the fresh feeling. Not only does this give you a hygienic mattress, but it also saves you money when you call the cleaning company.

Regardless of how much you care about your mattress, it will need to be replaced every eight or ten years. If you ever find yourself having back or neck pain when you get up in the morning, contact your nearest store or search for mattress trends online.

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