Protesters rally against Reading’s trash hauling changes | Berks Regional News

READING, Pa. – Protesters talk about rubbish again in Reading. They continue to oppose the city’s recent decision to adopt a single garbage truck.

Instead, the demonstrators want the city dwellers to decide for themselves whether they want a garbage truck or choose their hauliers individually.

The protesters are trying to get enough signatures from registered voters to put a question on the ballot paper.

The petition can be signed in a tent that is set up all weekend on the 1300 block of North 13th Street.

“This country was built on small business and we have the right to have our say and say, ‘Yes, if we don’t like our freight forwarder, we can call another freight forwarder’ and that’s what freedom is about,” said Barbara Steiner-Lawley, Vice President of Lawley’s Disposal Inc.

A statement from Reading Mayor Eddie Moran identified the use of a single municipal garbage truck as “best practice” which has “improved the quality of life in many communities”.

He said the decision was made after hearing each side of the debate.

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