Prescott Valley Heating and Cooling: Does Your Attic have Enough Insulation?


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Loft insulation, we all have it, but do we have enough? Many of the homes built in the area were insulated to the minimum standard when they were built. The Department of Energy has changed these standards immensely over the years.

R-values: what are they and why are they important?

When checking insulation, you should know that R values ​​are the standard in which the degree of insulation is needed. The higher the R value, the greater the insulation performance. The current and long-term insulation R values ​​for our region for attics are R-38 to R-60, depending on the height. The majority of homes in the region should be between R-38 and R-49.

Better insulation

This is easy to achieve and can help you save big bucks on your cooling and heating bills. If you decide to add extra insulation, keep in mind that the vast majority of homes have their pipes in the attic. If you want to add insulation, have all piping checked for proper sealing and make sure your ducts do not have “kinks” or excessive bends. Once the insulation is added, you don’t want people walking through the newly spread insulation.

If you want to add insulation or just want to check that your HVAC system is working properly, contact Prescott Valley Heating and Cooling.

Prescott Valley heating and cooling

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