People: Brian Cassidy of Junk King appointed as STEP2 president for 2020-21

Brian Cassidy
Courtesy photo

RENO, Nevada – STEP2, a local non-profit organization, recently announced the appointment of Brian Cassidy as President of the Board of Directors in 2020-21.

Cassidy, who joined the STEP2 board in 2018, succeeds former President JJ ​​Jarzynka.

“It was a privilege to serve as chairman of the board of the best not-for-profit organization in northern Nevada,” Jarzynka said in a statement. “Many thanks to the STEP2 staff, our great volunteers and everyone who supported the mission and continues to support it. I am confident about the future of STEP2 and Brian’s leadership as we continue to support women in doing the hard work it takes to break the addiction cycle in their families. ”

Cassidy and his family moved to Reno from California in 2014 and gave back to the Reno community from the start. He is the owner of Junk King Reno, an environmentally friendly solution for disposing of garbage for personal or commercial waste disposal.

“It is a great honor for me to have been appointed President of the STEP2 Board of Directors,” said Cassidy in a statement. “I believe in doing everything I can to make the Reno / Sparks area even better than it is now and I look forward to continuing to support the mission of this remarkable organization.”

Cassidy’s board of directors includes Steve Tate, president-elect; Kathy Leggett, secretary; and Kenneth Bickford, treasurer. The board members are Jeanne Ackley, Michael Alonso, Dr. Jasmine Dhindsa, Dr. Shane Kelley, Dr. Lindsey Kern, Sheila Poco, Pamela Troy and Tyler Whitten.

“I am very grateful to each and every one of our board members,” said Mari Hutchinson, STEP2 CEO. “The time you volunteer to support our organization is invaluable to us and the women and families we serve.”

STEP2 offers gender-specific long-term treatment services for substance use disorders, interventions against domestic violence as well as education and trauma services.

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