Pea Ridge trash pickup costs rise

PEA RIDGE – Solid waste pickup costs are per city ordinance and currently limit the amount charged to $ 10.50 per month regardless of which company is providing the service.

At the July city council meeting, city officials agreed to amend the ordinance and increase the cost by $ 4 per month after hearing a presentation from Republic Services city manager Jennifer Fagan.

Fagan said the cost had not increased since April 2008 and the price should be above the requested amount.

“It’s over $ 30 a month in the areas outside the city limits,” said Fagan. “We’re seeing operating costs rise across the board … It’s been taking a long time. Obviously, we’re doing a lot of the city’s rubbish.”

City clerk Sandy Button, who chaired the meeting in the mayor’s absence, told city officials that the city has a franchise of three garbage disposal services, all of which must adhere to city guidelines, including minimum liability insurance and a business license with the city and with Benton County Solid Waste and do not calculate more than the prescribed maximum.

Fagan reminded council members that she requested a $ 2 increase in 2008.

Councilor Matt Ahart asked if Fagan was considering the parish’s median income.

“No, we’ll look at our costs,” she said. “It’s all based on pounds per house. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fayetteville, Little Flock or Pea Ridge.”

The amendment to the regulation will be considered at the council meeting in August and will apply to all companies collecting solid waste in the city.

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