PDX Carpet Memorialized as a High-Quality Print

Monday November 24, 2014
Emily Goldman, GoLocalPDX contributor

Photo credit: PDX prints (cropped)

For over 20 years, the legendary PDX carpet has been one of the most impressive symbols in Portland. With the ongoing removal and replacement of the PDX carpet, brothers Peter and Sam Smith, along with good friend Kelly Rupp, decided to commemorate the carpet by creating a 16 “x 20” print entitled “PDX Carpet Farewell” .

In autumn 2013, the port of Portland announced that it would tear out the Portland PDX carpet from winter 2014 and replace it with a new design. The removal has officially started and should be completed by the end of 2015.

All three creators are natives of Portland who became friends at the University of Oregon and immigrated to San Francisco individually. Last summer, over coffee, they talked about how each of them missed Portland, which sparked a discussion about the PDX carpet. “For all three of us, the carpet is a symbol of home,” said Peter Smith.

From this conversation arose the desire to create an object that not only reminds of the removal of the carpet, but also makes people feel like they are in possession of a piece of Portland. “We want people to feel like someone has thought about making this poster,” he added.

The prints were officially published online in October with a limited edition of 30 copies, all of which are numbered. The three creators plan more pressure when the demand increases.

The print brings together a variety of items made in the same commemorative style, including socks, t-shirts, iPhone cases, and bicycle helmets.

You can currently buy a PDX carpet print HERE.

Photo Credit: The Carpet at Portland Airport via Facebook

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