Online Booking Making Dumpster Rentals in Aurora IL Easier than Ever Before – Press Release

Resource Dumpster is a garbage disposal service provider in Aurora, Illinois that has consistently taken proactive steps to make its business as customer friendly as possible. This has never been so obvious as with the recently added convenient online booking for your dumpster rental. That means their customers can now call them, text them, or use their online booking system to schedule a garbage collection. This will help make things much easier for contractors, businesses, and homeowners who need to remove a large amount of trash or dirt from a property.

Company spokesman Richard McDonald said: “We are a company that has always strived to be as progressive as possible. Part of this is to make it easier for our customers to choose the types of dumpster they need and to set delivery dates and times. This has become a lot easier thanks to our new online booking system. As soon as someone arrives at our website with just a few clicks and filling in some basic information, each of our customers can conveniently plan a dumpster delivery. Most of our customers who book their dumpster levies say this entire process typically takes less than 5 minutes. “

McDonald stated that those who want to use their online dumpster booking service will find it easy once they go to their website. It all starts with you selecting the dumpster size you want on their homepage and then clicking on the “Online Booking” tab located below it. This takes them to another website page that describes dumpster rental in more detail and can be placed in the shopping cart by a customer. Then all a customer has to do is select a delivery date and then go to their shopping cart to complete the online booking of the dumpster rental.

According to McDonald, they not only make booking their dumpsters more convenient, they now also have three dumpsters of different sizes to choose from. They do this because they realize that not everyone has the same amount of trash to get rid of or the same amount of space to place a dumpster. Your smallest dumpster is 3.5 ‘x 7.5’ x 14 ‘and can hold up to 10 meters of material. He explained that this is perfect for tasks like removing garden debris or renovating remodeling. They also have a medium-sized dumpster that can hold up to 15 feet of trash or debris and measures 4.5 x 7.5 x 14 inches. McDonald says this is great for cleanup projects like cleaning up attic junk, cleaning property, and removing carpets from around the house. He says their largest dumpster is a 20 yard model that measures 6 ‘x 7.5’ x 14 ‘. These are used for example for the removal of garbage, e.g. B. for hauling away roofer waste, demolition waste or for customers who know they need multiple dumpster loads to complete a cleanup project. The company spokesperson added that due to the use of roll-off / roll-on style dumpsters, experienced drivers can often place them exactly where their customers want them. This helps by reducing the distance it takes for those carrying the trash to access the dumpster. He also stated that in most cases they can deliver same day and that they have an impeccable record of delivering dumpsters on site. McDonald also says that picking up one of their dumpsters is even easier than booking one as it only takes a quick text message to get the order.

McDonald added that those interested in the size of the dumpsters available or who would like to conveniently rent a dumpster online can do so on the company’s website at Rental-Aurora-il /. He also mentioned that they provide dumpster rental services to a variety of Aurora, Illinois communities, such as Rockford, Huntley, Loves Park, Poplar Grove, Burlington, and South Beloit. The company spokesperson also says that those who are not sure if they are in their service area are welcome to give them a call to find out, as the chances are they can pick them up.


For more information on Resource Dumpster, please contact the company here:

Resource dumpster
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