Online bedding retailer scores with customers on mattress removal

Purple works with a third-party delivery and installation platform to comply with California’s delivery laws.

Headquartered in Lehi, Utah, Purple is a DTC (direct-to-consumer) digital retailer selling mattresses, linens and pillows online and through brick and mortar showrooms. The company offers home furnishing and delivery services through a variety of partnerships.

Starting January 1, 2021, Purple had to begin ensuring that its California delivery and installation offering complied with AB-187, a state law that requires mattress retailers to provide removal and recycling services for old mattresses. For certain shipments in California, Purple works with last mile delivery and installation platform Dolly to transport and recycle customer mattresses at home.

“We mostly use Dolly for FedEx and UPS shipments,” said Mike Schultz, Purple’s vice president of operations, in a recent interview with Chain Store Age. “If the customer chooses to remove, we collect their information on our website and then transmit it to Dolly every day via an API.”

According to Schultz, not all customers opt for the distance, but so far the partnership has been successful, with a high level of satisfaction among customers using the dolly service. Around 17% of customers who initially choose to remove it ultimately choose not to have their old mattress removed.

Schultz described the burgeoning problem of used mattress disposal at mattress dealers. “It’s a challenge across the industry,” he said. “Mattresses fill landfills. Purple cares about the environment and we want to be a good corporate citizen. We’re looking at other ways to enable recycling and collection instead of just filling landfills. “

According to Schultz, Purple is exploring the possibility of offering used mattress recycling services in other markets. The company also accepts the return of newly purchased mattresses for 100 days and resells them through secondary markets. In the local market in Lehi, Utah, Purple tested a proprietary delivery service with opt-in removal and disposal.

“We have a van that delivers six days a week in two shifts,” said Schultz. “So far, the response has been positive.”

Schultz concluded by discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected Purple’s supply chain.

“We are a fast growing company with a growing product line,” said Schultz. “COVID-19 was a challenge for our raw materials. Ports are secured. This is a challenge in today’s mattress retailing. “

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