Omaha begins using large trash, recycling carts Monday. Here’s what you need to know | Local News

The carts are too big. Can i get smaller ones?

Yes, but the city is asking people to try the 96-gallon cart for three months. At this point, you can request carts that are half the size of the large ones.

The city also has a program for people who need help with garbage collection. Residents who are 70 years of age or older, or have a proven medical need, can request that crews pick up their carts at a location of their choice – such as near their home.

Interested parties can register under the number 402-444-5238.

Families aged five and over can request an additional garbage or recycling truck free of charge. To get one, you need to fill out a form, notarize it, and send it to town.

What’s new about garden waste?

Throughout the year, Omahans can put materials such as clippings, garden plants and twigs, and trash in their black-topped cart. Christmas trees are also accepted if they fit in the car.

In spring and fall of 2021, Omahans can dispose of an unlimited number of garbage bags in four to six weeks. During this time, the garden waste is forwarded to Oma-Gro, the city’s composting facility.

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