Oakland and Berkeley Pest Control Company, Attic Cat, Rebrands Itself to Alley Cat

When it comes to doing well in business and meeting customers’ needs, business experts say it’s all in the name. After all, BackRub became Google, Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike, Pete’s Super Submarines became SUBWAY, Confinity became PayPal, Datsun became Nissan, Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web became Yahoo, and representatives from a local rodent cleaning company announced today that it has changed its name from Attic Cat to Alley Cat.

Niv Goldman, CEO and spokesman for Alley Cat, said the name was changed from Attic Cat, Inc. to Alley Cat on May 1.

Alley Cat offers a wide variety of services to aid in rodent control and rodent protection. These services include cleaning and decontamination of the attic; Cleaning and decontamination; Installing vapor barriers; Removal and installation of all types of insulation.

The company’s decision to rebrand under a new name could prove to be perfect timing. Traditionally, rebranding increases the attractiveness of a company to a wider audience while at the same time offering the opportunity to offer its current customers a higher level of service. In the past, the rebranding has brought positive results for companies and customers.

In terms of what sets Alley Cat apart from everything else in the market, Goldman emphasized that their company offers a three year warranty on its services.

“We also strive to respond quickly and efficiently to customers by scheduling their approved orders within the same week,” Goldman said before adding, “We don’t offer an option for poisons. We focus on rodents for ours Can offer customers the highest quality standard. “

For more information, please visit: http://www.alleycatusa.com/about.

About Alley Cat

Alley Cat is an independent, family-owned, local rodent cleaning and control company based in Oakland, CA. We pride ourselves on serving the entire greater area of ​​the bay and helping residents live in a rat and mouse free environment. Our services include rodent control, pest control, rodent removal and cleaning, attic cleaning and attic decontamination.

Contact details:

Niv Goldman


Street cat

8120 Capwell Drive

Oakland, CA 94621

Telephone: 510.947.6803

Source: Alley Cat

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