New ‘Black is Beautiful’ beer on tap at Attic Brewing Company supports Germantown historic site

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Attic Brewing Company in Philadelphia’s Germantown has a new brew on tap with a meaningful name: “Black Is Beautiful”.

“For us we are in Germantown, which is a mostly black neighborhood and we are very proud of the diversity we have on our team here, the diversity that we see in our taproom and that we really wanted to support the black community,” said manager Laura Lacy.

The new “Black is Beautiful” beer was created by Weathered Souls, a black-owned brewery based in San Antonio, Texas, and is a partnership with more than 700 breweries worldwide, with more than 40 breweries here in Philadelphia raising awareness of injustice .

The movement was sparked by the murder of George Floyd.

“We have heard the stories of our employees and customers and we have found that there is still a lot to be done in our country. We have always used our business as a driving force in our community,” said Lacy.

All participating breweries are asked to donate the proceeds from the Black Is Beautiful beer to a local cause that works for equality. The Attic Brewing Company chose the Johnson House Historic Site in their neighborhood, which was built according to abolitionist principles.

“I think they gave something back to this house that has been here for over 250 years. To me, it means a real sense of community,” said Cornelia Swinson, executive director of Johnson House Historic Site.

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