New Bern black community cleanup coincides with junk cars removal

The third day of the neighborhood redevelopment since August in the mostly black redevelopment area is planned on January 29th by the redevelopment commission of the city of New Bern and the department for public works.

It also coincides with a new citywide initiative to get rid of junk cars.

The company’s partners include churches and volunteers starting at 7:30 a.m. and focusing on Walt Bellamy Drive and Lawson, Bryan, Norwood, Church, Fleet, Bern, Jones and Liberty streets.

The clean-up area is located in and around Trent Court on the south side of the 474 acre redevelopment zone that extends through Duffyfield on the north side of Broad Street.

The city will have two large dumpsters in the parking lots of St. John Missionary Baptist Church, 1130 Walt Bellamy Drive and Clinton Chapel AME Zion Church, 1015 Church St.

Street debris and trash are collected for disposal, and residents are encouraged to use the dumpsters to dispose of unwanted white goods – large bulky items like electronics, household appliances, old appliances and furniture. Garden waste should not be included.

Anyone unable to move white goods or large items can call the city’s development department at 639-7587 for assistance.

Public works workers spend the day picking up litter, removing overgrown vegetation along the road, the city’s driveway, and on abandoned lots.

“We partnered with the Redevelopment Commission a few months ago to host a cleanup day in the Duffyfield area,” said Matt Montanye, public works director. “The neighbors were happy to have a helping hand. In fact, I think it helped bring about a project to beautify the neighborhood. Lots of people came outside and started cleaning up their properties. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. ”

The crews of New Bern Public Works joined forces on September 25th in the districts around Craven Terrace for a phase II clean-up initiated by the redevelopment commission.  Another purge is January 29th near Trent Court on the south side of the redevelopment area.

Public Works staff will provide gloves, garbage bags and vests for those who wish to help clean up the rubbish, especially along the street.

Neighborhood Cleanup Day coincides with a new partnership between the Redevelopment Commission and LaGrange’s Foss Recycling to remove junk cars across town.

“Junk cars are a big problem. They are everywhere, but mostly in the redevelopment sector, ”said Jeff Ruggieri, director of development services, on Monday. “And usually it’s not one, but several abandoned vehicles. When you have a junk car, it’s an opportunity to get rid of it for free. “

The city has developed an online form that citizens can use to report junk cars in the community.

He said the process would take several weeks for information gathering, background work and coordination.

The information required includes the vehicle identification number (VIN), make and model, color and whether the vehicle can be rolled on its wheels.

Ruggieri said the vehicle’s mobility will determine what type of equipment will be needed to remove it.

A flyer announcing the new program contains a QR code that can be scanned with a smartphone. The QR scan takes you directly to the online report form. You can also report junk cars by calling Development Services at 639-7587. The employees are handing out flyers to draw the residents’ attention to the new program during the clean-up work.

Further information and access to the QR code can be found at

Volunteers are welcome to help clean up. The event lasts until 5 p.m. and you can volunteer for as long or as little as you want.

“This is one way to help the planet and community start right on your street,” said Tharesa Lee, chair of the redevelopment commission. “We need to share this information with as many people as possible to make a real difference in the community. This event is a great way to beautify New Bern while getting to know your neighbors at the same time. ”

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