New Albuquerque company hopes to recycle, repurpose old junk

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A new company in Albuquerque hopes to bring to life the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. They are taking away your old trash and in most cases will recycle or reuse it.

Chris Young is a longtime local business owner. When it came to his next business during the pandemic, he wanted to do something environmentally friendly.

“Junk King recycles approximately 60 percent of everything we collect,” said Young, president of Junk King – Albuquerque. He’s part of the team that brings Junk King to New Mexico.

“Junk King is a full-service garbage disposal service,” said Young. “All you have to do is call the number or go online, make an appointment, and we’ll be in touch and agree a price. Two guys will charge everything for you. “

The truck runs on biodiesel. It brings trash to the landfill, but they try to recycle or reuse much of what they cart away.

“In addition to being transported to the recycling center, we will donate a few things that can be donated,” said Young. “It is just as good to reuse or reuse something as it is to recycle something.”

They pick up everyday items like household items, furniture, construction rubble, and even landscape debris. They even take away the more unusual finds.

“There are a lot of interesting items that have been picked up,” said Young. “Everything from very interesting works of art to human skulls.”

Young hopes the service will get more people to think about the environment and what small steps they can take to save it. He says recycling is a good start.

“Hopefully we can start inspiring people with Junk King,” said Young. “Do something other than throw away what you no longer need.”

In addition to providing environmentally friendly service, they are also bringing jobs to Albuquerque and will be hiring for the next week with job postings on sites like Indeed and Monster. Junk King is scheduled to begin serving in Albuquerque in early November.

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