Nelsonville approves new trash and recycling contract with Athens-Hocking Recycling Center | News

Nelsonville City Council unanimously approved the signing of a new garbage and recycling transportation contract with the Athens-Hocking Recycling Center, ending its current contract with Rumpke.

The new contract, which is set for three years, offers garbage and recycling services for $ 12.50 per month with an additional and optional rental fee of $ 2 per month for a recycling dead man. It also costs $ 5 to carry a special garbage item like furniture.

City Administrator Scott Frank is pleased to have the opportunity to provide recycling services to Nelsonville residents at no additional cost.

“I think if there ever was a time to change the culture in Nelsonville to get people to recycle more, this is the opportunity by offering the recycling services they may be more likely to try,” said Frank.

At the city council meeting on Monday evening, Councilor Greg Smith, a utility committee member, praised Athens-Hocking for reducing the total cost of garbage service for customers while introducing free recycling services.

“Not only has the price gone down, but we’ve added free roadside recycling – and I think we can be proud of that,” said Smith. “I don’t see very many falling prices around the world right now.”

Smith also thanked Rumpke, the previous supplier, for providing quality service to Nelsonville in the past.

The new contract will begin on April 1, 2021, and will mark the end of the street garbage service for Nelsonville residents, which will return to roadside pickup, Frank said.

People with disabilities or disabilities who want shelter for their garbage service must contact City Hall and ask a code officer to assess the situation before placing it anywhere other than the roadside.

Bruce Underwood, executive director of Athens-Hocking, said during the meeting on Monday he would be personally addressing commercial garbage customers in Nelsonville

“I will personally go around speaking with all companies to make sure their needs are met and that there is a smooth transition,” said Underwood.

The City Council must also find out before March 1st who will be responsible for billing for the garbage services and who will keep ownership of certain garbage trucks across the city so that Athens-Hocking can provide customers with information about the services offered and accurate information on how to assess how many chariots it has to provide, Underwood and several members agreed.

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