Nationwide appliance shortage has companies rethinking their reliance on China | Lehigh Valley Regional News

WHITEHALL TWP., Pa. – When you need a new device you may find yourself in a rude awakening. There is a device shortage.

Todd George is a manager at Kleckner & Sons in Whitehall. He says supply from China has been severely delayed and demand has increased, meaning delays on all types of equipment can last from weeks to months.

“The other day we received freezers that were in high demand, still very high demand that we ordered when we were shut down on COVID in April,” said George. “You wait for parts four weeks, months, three months.”

Dr. Zach Zachariah is the director of the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh University. He says the sales impact of the pandemic is causing companies to rethink their reliance on China.

In the meantime, George tries his best not to let his customers down and uses his free space to hold orders that he is still waiting to fulfill.

“A lot of it is already sold by the time it arrives and goes to customers’ homes,” said George.

In the long run, this could be good for the US and move production home, but that will require a huge investment.

“We have to improve the efficiency of our systems, we have to have the people who are able to do this type of work,” said Zachariah.

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