Murderer on parole arrested after hiding in attic

A man investigated for a crime in the Boston area and on parole after previously convicted of murder was arrested by Wareham police after hiding in an attic and trying to get through an opening to flee.

On December 22nd around 8:40 p.m. Police learned that the man, Gino Gaillardetz, 56, from Chelsea, was in a house on Mason Street ext.

He allegedly commented that he “would not go back to jail”.

Gaillardetz was suspended for a murder he committed in 1986. According to public parole records, Gaillardetz was drinking and drinking cocaine in Hyannis when he was about to rob Francis Gray on the knife date. Gray grabbed him and Gaillardetz stabbed him three times in the chest.

Gaillardetz was also convicted of taking stolen property, breaking and entering, stealing a motor vehicle, and stealing.

According to the police:

Wareham Police escorted probation officers to the house, where they learned that Gaillardetz was hiding in the attic in a location that officers could not safely access.

Police surrounded the house and a number of other Wareham officers responded, along with the SWAT team from the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department, the Massachusetts State Police, and a command unit from the Metropolitan Law Enforcement Council.

The police secured the area and evacuated neighboring houses.

Shortly before 10 p.m., the police discovered Gaillardetz who was trying to break out through the exhaust fan in the attic.

Chief John Walcek used a cruiser speaker to tell him to surrender and get out of the house.

Within a few minutes, Gaillardetz came into the kitchen and was safely taken into custody.

The SWAT team searched the house to make sure no other suspects or weapons were present.

During this incident, a neighbor refused to evacuate and came in front of his house with a gun. The police told him to go back inside, but he was later discovered in his doorway again, gun in hand.

The man had a lawful gun license, but the police confiscated his license and gun pending further investigation.

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