Mum shares hack to remove stubborn carpet stains after all other methods fail

If you’ve ever been stuck on the carpet with an unsightly spillage, you know it can feel like a lost cause.

One mother believed she tried everything in the book and decided to swap out the carpet as a last resort – until the craftsman she contacted for the job passed on a brilliant tip that made it look as good as new.

Lisa Youell had even tried professional cleaners to remove a deep red stain from her stairs when her youngest daughter accidentally dropped red toy sand on the gray carpet, Yorkshire Live reports.

The Huddersfield mother of four gave up their attempts and asked a craftsman to replace the carpet with a cut. Instead, he asked if she had tried using the WD-40.

Lisa said it removed the stain in seconds

The stairs afterwards with the stain completely removed

You would never know it was there

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Lisa is not sure about the tip, but has nothing more to lose. She gave it a try and shared the incredible before and after results on Facebook as she raved about the hack.

She wrote: “We just had our local handyman nearby to replace a piece of our carpet that was stained with kiddie-colored sand.

“He told me to use WD-40, I did and I didn’t even have to scrub it! It took me 5 seconds to rub it off!

“I had the carpet professionally cleaned and used numerous detergents as recommended by the toy company when I made a complaint, and good old bleach didn’t even remove it!”

“Thanks for your top handyman tip! Share this for all the other poor carpets that have been destroyed by slime and colored sand.”

She added, “This time of year there are so many new toys and people knocking things over and staining and ruining carpets.

“I would never have thought of the WD-40, but most people have it in their home and it’s definitely worth a try.”

Have you used WD-40 for cleaning in the past? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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