Mrs Hinch fan shares easy 99p carpet cleaning hack to remove hair and stains

Ms. Hinch became famous after she started sharing cleaning tips and tricks online. She now has nearly four million Instagram followers and continues to share simple, cheap cleaning hacks. Fans are so excited about their tips that they have now set up their own Facebook pages where they can share their own finds.

“I saw the post about trapped hair and how vacuuming doesn’t get it out. So I bought a squeegee for 99 pence and tried it out. “

The video then showed the hack in which the lady scrubbed the floor back and forth with the squeegee to remove the hair that was stuck in the carpet.

Squeegees can be picked up from most retailers and supermarkets such as Wilko, Poundland, B&M and Home Bargains.

Cleansing feeling Ms. Hinch herself recently shared this trick she uses on her carpets to pick up her dog’s fur.

Vacuum cleaners often only pick up the top layer of dirt on a carpet and do not get into the hair that can become embedded in it.

On the same Facebook page, other fans shared more carpet cleaning tips to remove stains.

A cleaning fan asked: “The carpet in my granddaughter’s bedroom needs cleaning, it has make-up stains and tea light wax stains.

“I’ve tried fabric softener and disappearance carpet cleaner, what else can I try?”

Comments on tips and tricks the lady might use to try to remove the stains.

One comment read, “I used elbow grease spray on mascara on cream carpet this week. Completely gone! “

The Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser is loved by both the cleaning guru and many of her followers.

Tesco said, “Elbow Grease is designed to remove grease and oil in all situations.

“It’s ideal for removing grease stains from fabrics and porous materials, removing grease from kitchen surfaces, and cleaning oily surfaces such as motors and machines.”

It can be picked up at supermarkets, as well as B&M and Home Bargains for around £ 1.

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