Mount Joy Twp. supervisors consider lowering age for senior discount for trash removal to 65 | Regional

When: Mount Joy Township Supervisors meet on January 18th

What happened: Township homeowners aged 75 and over receive half a discount on their garbage and recycling services. However, that could potentially change in the next year if community leaders decide later this year to lower the age for the senior discount, and possibly lower the discount percentage.

Background: Community administrator Justin Evans said the assumption behind the senior discount is that those over 75 tend to have less trash than younger, and usually larger, households. He said 291 households among 3,379 residential customers are taking advantage of the discount. The community has signed a three-year contract for garbage transportation services with Penn Waste Inc. for its second year.

How it works: Seniors who provide proof of age and ownership pay $ 140 for the full calendar year, while the standard garbage and recycling fee is $ 280 per year. Seniors using the program will be required to pay if the bill is due by December 31st for the following six months or the whole year. Those with standard service who prepay a full year get $ 10 off for $ 270.

Discussion: Supervisor Debra Dupler advocated lowering the age of eligibility to 65, while Supervisor Gerald Cole used caution in increasing discounts as eligible residents multiply and recycling and garbage collection costs for everyone else will increase.

What’s next: Cole asked community workers to come up with some suggestions that regulators should consider in order to “create a more balanced plan that affects everyone more fairly.” If the regulators make changes, they won’t take effect until 2022.

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