Motorcyclist injured after mattress causes Cocoa Beach crash on bridge

A motorcyclist escaped serious injury Sunday after a mattress slipped off a pickup truck onto the State 520 bridge and caused an accident, Cocoa Beach police reported.

Traffic along the bridge was temporarily suspended on Sunday while paramedics removed the motorcyclist.

The crash occurred in the westbound lanes at around 12:48 p.m. on Sunday when an unidentified driver of a pickup truck was dragging a mattress along the bridge.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t any more serious,” said Sgt. Many Hernadez of the Cocoa Beach Police Department. “The motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital for a check-up, but is fine. Fortunately, he was traveling about 30 mph at low speed,” he said.

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Police said the mattress fell on the pavement and the motorcyclist hit it, causing him to fall on the pavement.

Police accused the driver of the pickup truck for improperly securing the mattress.

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