Mattress Recycling Council’s Success In California Continues

SACRAMENTO, California, September 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – According to the latest report by the Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) to state officials, more than 83% of mattresses thrown away in the state in 2019 were diverted California Landfills, 3 percentage points more than last year.

This achievement is testament to the continued success of the nationwide mattress recycling program known to consumers as the Bye Bye Mattress. Since launching in 2016, MRC has increased the number of units collected, the amount of recycled material and the percentage of the population with access to the program.

Other achievements identified in the report demonstrate the effectiveness of the program, including joint efforts by MRC to fight illegal dumping and investment in research to improve the recycling process and open up new markets for reclaimed component materials.

“The recycling industry is facing major challenges, but the mattress recycling council continues to run a program that is better than last year,” said the managing director Mike O’Donnell. “We are constantly on the way to increasing efficiency, promoting innovation, expanding our network and finding ways to support a more sustainable environment.”

In 2019, MRC focused its collection network expansion on rural areas. Areas of the state that have a high per capita rate of illegal dumping; and communities that are disproportionately vulnerable to pollution. As a result, MRC added additional free collection points, collection events and roadside bulky item collection programs, while expanding access to the program for mattress dealers to more easily recycle old units collected by their customers. Overall, access to residential areas rose from 92.7% to 94.8%, with higher increases in rural districts (78.5% to 85.8%) and in municipalities for environmental justice (95.3% to 98.5%) were recorded. By the end of 2019, every county in the state had access to the program through at least one collection point or collection event.

“Coordination with mattress dealers and the existing solid waste infrastructure California was a monumental achievement for the program, “said O’Donnell.” We have expanded this network by working with non-profit partners such as the Local Conservation Corps, Goodwill Industries and Habitat for Humanity, so that access to the program is guaranteed regardless of where you live. “

Thanks to MRC’s presence at over 200 collection points, 150 collection events and 50 roadside bulky item collection programs, as well as at retailers who take back used units from customers when new ones arrive, MRC has collected more than 1.4 million mattresses for recycling California diverted 58.3 million pounds of material from government landfills in 2019.

MRC’s robust research investments are critical to improving mattress recycling as well as the long-term success of the program. In 2019, MRC focused on increasing efficiency and researching new uses for recycled mattress components. Major projects included more than $ 120,000 in funding awards for collection points to improve their storage and loading capacities, studies to identify new end markets and improve the transport network, lean manufacturing evaluations of recyclers, and projects to improve the recycling of bag wraps and create a circular economy for polyurethane foam.

In addition to improving program results, MRC launched the Sleep Products Sustainability Program (SP2) to help mattress manufacturers reduce waste while increasing operational efficiency. Three companies completed the first SP2 training in 2019 and are now identifying steps to reduce their environmental impact, establish best practices, and define metrics to track progress.

“With MRC’s successes this year, the mattress industry has shown that it is not only committed to managing its end-of-life products, but also promoting a cleaner, greener future for MRC California“Said O’Donnell.

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The Mattress Recycling Council (MRC) is a nonprofit that runs recycling programs in states that have passed mattress recycling laws: California, Connecticut and Rhode Island. MRC was founded by the bedding industry and recycles more than 1.5 million mattresses every year. For more information on MRC, visit Visit to learn how to recycle your mattress or find a collection point or event near you.

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