Mattress deals April 2021: Best sales on Emma, Eve and Simba

After last year’s turmoil, we could probably all sleep better.

Research has shown that despite the fact that we had more time to sleep because of the lockout, the quality of our Zs has deteriorated.

To help you drift away, the IndyBest team discovered some smart purchases that you can’t sleep without now. Definitely worth reading if you want to make your bedtime easier and more enjoyable.

Another way to make sure you’re sleeping better is to rethink the setup of your bed. According to the Sleep Council, you should change your mattress every seven years. However, there is no denying that choosing a new one is both timely and costly.

The IndyBest Mattress Buying Guide is a great place to start if you need expert advice on anything from choosing the right firmness for you to deciphering the difference between memory foam and spring.

If you want to add the finishing touches, be sure to check out our guide to the best mattress toppers on the market and make sure your bedding is up to date.

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We’re also here to make sure that buying a new mattress is less costly. With a constant eye for good business, we’ve found that the price of Simba and Eve mattresses has been reduced by up to 35 percent. During her time at Emma, ​​the brand launched a site-wide sale that reduced everything by 40 percent.

As a great place to get mattress deals, we’ve also rounded up the best discounts and sales from our other favorite brands including Dormeo and Otty. Prepare for your best night’s sleep yet and know that you saved a lot of money by doing any of these.

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This mattress received rave reviews when our author compared it to the Simba hybrid. The mattress absorbs movement, so it is an ideal choice if your partner throws and turns at night. Our reviewer also praised the excellent zoning, as it enables “targeted pressure relief in areas such as shoulders for side sleepers”. They added that it also offers “comfort, support, pressure relief, and durability”. With a 40 percent discount on the entire website, simply use the code “EASTER40” at the checkout – it’s child’s play.

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Similar to the Hybrid, this was detailed in our guide to the best mattresses, with our author noting that it is “extremely luscious” but “absolutely does not compromise on support.” Our tester found that “there is a 19 cm foam core surrounded by a 2 cm layer of memory foam, then a 4 cm layer of ordinary foam, and – another bonus – a removable, washable cover . ”

“It fits all body shapes and types of sleepers (though it really comes into its own for smaller, lighter people) and there’s no bother for your partner if you’re a fidget sleeper,” she added.

In addition, all Emma mattresses come with a 10-year guarantee and a 200-night trial version. If this is unlikely and you find that it is not entirely right for you, you can always return it for free.

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Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress: Was £ 799, now £ 591.26,


Another of our favorite bed-in-a-box brands is a more pocket-friendly alternative to Simba’s premier hybrid mattress. It has an airflow comfort layer to make sure you don’t overheat at night, as well as edge-to-edge support to keep you from rolling around in your sleep and waking someone up next to you. With over £ 200 off, it’s a breeze.

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Simba is offering 35 percent off all orders over £ 300 as part of its Easter sale. So don’t miss out. This prevailed in our evaluation of Emma vs Simba hybrid mattresses, as it fits perfectly with “front or side sleepers (which, as we can see, makes up the majority of sleepers)”.

The temperature control also got special mention, with our author noting that even in summer, “You find that this keeps sweat in check, as just about every layer is designed to promote airflow and cooling – something that you will not find in mattresses made of pure foam ”.

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(Eva sleep)

There’s a whopping 30 percent discount on this mattress from Eve Sleep, the leading bed-in-a-box brand. With a thickness of 24 cm and medium firmness, this foam mattress should have a supportive effect – especially for those who sleep on their backs.

With a breathable fabric, it has moisture wicking properties, which means you shouldn’t get drenched in sweat even on the warmest of nights. While we haven’t tested this particular model yet, we’re a fan of the brand here at IndyBest. Hence, if you’re looking to spend a little less, this mattress should prove to be a great entry point.

A big selling point is that with all Eve mattresses, you can have your old mattress removed and recycled at the same time.

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Dormeo Memory plus Memory Foam Mattress: Was £ 629.99, now £ 249.99,


We almost had to take a double shot when we saw the incredible discount on this mattress from the leading brand Dormeo. The company’s original bestseller is medium firmness and is designed to provide good support regardless of your size or sleeping position. When you arrive rolled and sealed, just take it out of the box and watch it grow until it’s ready to sleep.

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Otty Hybrid Mattress: Was £ 699.99, now £ 454.99,


This model is available in single, small, double, double, king, super king and emperor sizes and was highly praised in our rating of the best mattresses. With five layers, it’s on the firm side and our reviewer noted that she could feel it conform to her body as they moved, “which felt like no other mattress”. It was also found to be “especially supportive” for their spine, and our author called it “brilliant” for those who sleep on their backs.

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“If you lean more toward foam than feather, but still want the best of both worlds – support, squeak, bounce, and breathability – make sure you take this into account,” our author said in our review of the best mattresses. “You won’t disturb your partner if you toss and turn around, and keeping sweat at bay thanks to the added wool is exceptional,” they said. As the prime mattress in Simba’s range, we would really recommend taking advantage of this discount today.

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