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Our homes have seen all kinds of changes in the nine months since the pandemic turned our homes into offices, schools, and training centers.

When it’s time to sell your home, you may need to make some additional adjustments to make these transformations less random and more attractive to home buyers.

Here are some suggestions.

Have you set up a classroom at home so your three children can keep up with their virtual classes when they are not attending class in person? Have you put together an assortment of desks, chairs, posters, chalkboards, white boards, bookcases and desk lamps to create a study space?

Take a close look at this area to see how you can make it more attractive.

Whether your home school is the end of the dining table, the master bedroom, the downstairs guest room, or part of the garage, the kids have to keep up with the school even as you try to sell your home. Make the room as charming as possible.

It can cost a few dollars to get matching desks and chairs, put up fun artwork, and introduce some nifty storage bins for scissors, crayons, and notebooks. This will be hugely helpful with the online photos, especially if your agent adds a description like “This is the guest bedroom on the first floor that was converted into a classroom during COVID-19”.

If you have photos of the guest room before it was remodeled, even better. Your agent can also publish this with the disclaimer: “This is what the guest room on the first floor looked like before COVID-19. This room is currently used as a classroom. “

If you had to set up one or more offices for you, your spouse or partner, or your children, consider the same approach. Get yourself a nice desk, office chair (preferably ergonomic), a nice lamp, and some appealing artwork. That way, your home office is ready for the professional photographer.

Make the area as neat and professional as possible. Let your agent use the same clever photo descriptions when going on the multi-listing service: “This is the formal dining room that has been converted into two work areas for the owners currently working from home.”

The same is true if you happened to have a gym set up in the breakfast nook. Make it look as neat as possible. Consider investing in bright, shiny, matching weights and color-coordinated exercise bands, yoga mats, exercise balls, and a nice storage unit to keep everything organized.

This may be the perfect time to look into “virtual staging”. With the help of digital photography, an empty or poorly furnished room is reinterpreted and tasteful furniture and decorations are added.

You can show the downstairs bedroom, formal dining room, and breakfast nook with fashionable furniture and decorations to give buyers an idea of ​​how the room might be used.

Remember to mention that the rooms were staged virtually and are currently being used for other purposes due to COVID-19.

Leslie Sargent Eskildsen is an agent at Realty One Group West. She can be reached at 949-678-3373 or [email protected]

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