Madison County leaders remove trash along highway

EDWARDSVILLE – Roadside trash is not attractive, so the district managers clean it up themselves.

“We take it seriously,” said CEO Kurt Prenzler. “We want our churches to look good. We want it to look clean for a number of reasons. “

Chris Doucleff, director of Madison County Building and Zoning, said he received constant complaints about the trash along Interstate 270 and Illinois 255, as well as other routes leading to the landfill. The reason: Garbage trucks may not properly cover their trucks and dirt will fly out.

“Trash is constantly flying out of the trucks transporting trash from Missouri to the Roxana Landfill,” Doucleff said. “The No. 1 problem area in the county is the intersection of I-270 and Illinois Route 3.

Madison County launched its Clean Communities program in March and over 1,500 resource toolkits were distributed to individuals and groups in the first two months. Kits include trash bags, reflective vests, gloves, and trash grabs.

“It is remarkable how many people are excited to take part in this program,” said Doucleff. “Not only is the public taking part, but the chairman has also collected rubbish several times, as have employees.”

On May 12, Doucleff, along with building and zoning staff – Public Engagement Coordinator Brandon Banks and Education Coordinator Bailey Lutz – went to two problem areas to pick up trash – Illinois Route 143, east of the Illinois 255 flyover and the intersection of Interstate 270 and Illinois Route 3.

“We’ve been collecting trash all day and not even picking up half the trash that was out there,” he said.

Doucleff said that after picking up the trash, he contacted Granite City Mayor Mike Parkinson, who then sent a public workgroup to retrieve the collected items.

“Not all of the debris at the 270/3 hub comes from the garbage trucks,” he said. “Some of it will be dumped.”

Metal pieces, clothing, bottles filled with urine, and a mattress were thrown away under the overpass.

“It’s always nice to have a city-county collaboration,” said Parkinson.

Parkinson said any time the county or residents of Granite City volunteer to pick up trash, the city will help remove the rubble. Visit [email protected] or call 618-296-4468 with questions or more information about the program.

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