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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – According to US attorney Russell Coleman, a Louisville man is accused of “deliberately obstructing the delivery of mail” after more than 100 postal ballot papers were found in a dumpster in Jeffersontown.

DeShawn Bojgere, 30, has been charged with delaying or destroying mail, a federal crime.

On October 15, the United States Postal Service was notified that a contractor had found undelivered mail in a dumpster on Galene Drive near Tully Elementary, Jeffersontown. According to a press release, the agents recovered the mail with 111 postal ballot papers, 69 “flat rate mail”, 320 “second class mail” and two national campaign flyers from a political party in Florida.

Bojgere, who no longer works for USPS, admitted to USPS special agents that he had discarded the mail, according to Coleman.

All ballot papers and political flyers were returned to the USPS and delivered to customers.

“It is precisely in these times that Americans depend on the reliability and integrity of those who deliver the US mail. Conduct by postal workers in breach of this duty leads to swift federal prosecution, “Coleman said in a statement.

Special Agent Scott Balfour of the Inspector General’s U.S. Post Office previously said they had no reason to believe that Bojgere did this before.

“I will point out that the vast majority of the Postal Service’s 630,000 employees are hardworking, trustworthy individuals who work around the clock delivering the country’s mail, and incidents of this type are extremely rare in this regard,” Balfour said.

Bojgere faces a prison sentence of up to five years and a $ 250,000 fine if convicted on the charges. USPS and the Inspector General are still investigating the case.

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