Letter: No-cost mattress disposal exists for Gilroy residents

In response to “Gilroy Needs an Accessible Mattress Disposal Point” (Gilroy Dispatch, Letters, Jan. 8), the Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress Program shares the author’s enthusiasm for establishing a permanent city collection point. Our staff are working hard to make this possible and recently met with city officials to discuss setting up collective events.

In the meantime, residents not mentioned in the letter have free mattress disposal options.

First, there is access to the program through Recology South Valley. Gilroy and Morgan Hill residents receive two free vouchers per year that they can use to drop off bulky items, including mattresses, at the San Martin Transfer Station.

Second, when residents buy and deliver a new mattress, they should ask the retailer to take back the old one. California law requires all retailers, including online businesses, to offer to take back an old mattress at the time of delivery of new units at no additional cost. Most retailers have adjusted their delivery and return processes during the pandemic. It is therefore worth discussing the withdrawal with your sales representative during the purchase.

MRC values ​​create a collection network accessible to all Californians, including those in South Bay. Visit ByeByeMattress.com or follow @ByeByeMattress on Facebook and Twitter to find out about upcoming events and new announcements.

Justine Fallon,

Operations manager, mattress recycling council

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