Letter: Gilroy needs accessible mattress disposal site

The state of California has a program called Bye Bye Mattress. It enables everyone to dispose of waste mattresses and box spring beds at disposal points. The state charges a fee for the sale of each new mattress to pay for the program.

Gilroy has no disposal site. There used to be a location in Morgan Hill, but it is no longer participating due to a change of ownership. Disposal of a mattress costs a minimum of $ 25. Many mattresses and box spring beds are not disposed of properly for reasons of cost.

I tried asking Recology, Pacific Coast Recycling, and the City of Gilroy to get a location in the city. The closest locations are in San Jose, Hollister, and Salinas (I used all three). The excuse is that the state is not paying enough to warrant participation. The city may be forced to contribute to help the seller break even. My complaint is that it is unfair taxation – we pay the fee for each new mattress, but we don’t have easy access to a disposal point.

Please use any pressure to get the city to force Recology to participate as they have the exclusive garbage disposal contract. All you have to do is park a trailer in the San Martin courtyard. Both Gilroy and Morgan Hill could be served from this site.

David Matuszak,


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