Layla Hybrid mattress review: comfort on both sides of the bed

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The Layla hybrid mattress uses a hybrid blend of springs and memory foam to achieve the right level of comfort. It also offers hybrid comfort: one side offers a firmer grip while the other has a softer feel. When you need a little extra support or a little extra comfort, there’s no need to buy a new mattress – you can simply turn the pages over to get the best mattress firmness for you.

A small disadvantage of the Layla Hybrid mattress is that it is more cumbersome than other mattresses due to its depth (13 inches). The mattress comes rolled up in a travel bag with special shoulder straps for easier portability, but the queen size weighs a cool 104 pounds. Even with the straps, I could barely slide it through my door, let alone carry it up the stairs. If you plan to use the mattress in a bedroom on the second floor (or higher), bribe your friends and neighbors beforehand. You are going to need the help.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Review: Design

The Layla Hybrid mattress consists of a mixture of polyester, rayon, viscose and Lycra and contains a nylon belt. The weight of the mattress varies by size: Twin (67 lbs), Twin XL (78 lbs), Full (88 lbs), Queen (104 lbs), King (128 lbs) and Cal King (127 lbs).

The Layla Hybrid comes with optional add-ons such as pillows, sheets and a mattress base, each of which is available for an additional fee. The mattress cover itself is in neutral gray, which gives the Layla Hybrid a cool, modern look. The feature I was looking forward to the most was the double strength. One side of the mattress provides extra firmness while the other gives a softer and more comfortable feel.

The soft side of this mattress is made up of a 2.5 “layer of copper gel memory foam, a 2” layer of maximum airflow support foam, and a 6 “layer of Layla’s individually wrapped coil system. The solid side is later fitted with a 1-inch copper gel memory foam and a 1.5-inch layer of maximum airflow support foam in addition to the coil system.

The mattress cover is made of soft, breathable fabric and includes a zipper for easy removal. According to Layla, the copper gel memory foam layers contain rapid cooling and body heat transfer mechanisms, variable support for deep compression areas, and antimicrobial odor control. The foam layers for maximum airflow include deep channels for maximum cooling and Layla’s surface modification technology that provides bespoke support. The individually packaged Infinity Edge coil system includes pouched coils for maximum motion control and a dual coil circumference for superior edge support.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Review

The central Infinity Edge coils are clamped in with maximum airport support foam, followed by a layer of copper gel memory support foam and then the super soft fabric covers.

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Thanks to the Layla Hybrid’s independently moving springs, it works with any adjustable base. The coil numbers in each of the Layla Hybrid mattress sizes are as follows: Twin (674), Twin XL (714), Full (913), Queen (1041), King (1313), CA King (1295).

Memory foam infused with copper responds to body weight with a tightening response called variable support. In contrast to conventional memory foam, the Layla hybrid mattress offers improved support in deep compression areas. The variable support, in conjunction with an internal coil system with pockets, makes the Layla Hybrid a mattress with superior motion control.

By providing a mattress with two unique firmness options and copper infused memory foam with variable support, Layla has created a mattress that is comfortable for those who sleep on their stomach, side and back. Built-in handles make it easy to adjust. If you want to change the firmness, simply turn the mattress over.

Layla hybrid mattress

The soft and firm side of the Layla hybrid mattress is clearly marked.

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Layla Hybrid Mattress Rating: Firmness and Comfort

Despite the ordeal of getting the mattress in place, my first reaction when lying down was, “It feels like a warm hug.” I started with the firmer side, which was sturdy but had enough compliance for my body to move comfortably. Overall, the Layla Hybrid made a good, comfortable first impression.

If you like a firm mattress, the firm side of the Layla Hybrid is much more supportive than I expected. Side, stomach and back sleepers with a preference for firmness will feel comfortable on this mattress. The softer side was comfortable, but still provided ample support for the spine. The firm and soft sides of the mattress are clearly marked for your convenience so no guesswork is required.

I tested a queen size mattress. I was never bothered with my spouse getting into or out of bed in their sleep. Normal movements on one side of the mattress are not transmitted to the sleeper on the other side.

If you are looking for two very different sleeping experiences this is not the mattress for you. While there is a noticeable difference in strength between the two sides, the difference is a lot more subtle than I expected. Likewise, the Layla Hybrid is not for you if you want a more “extreme” feel for your mattress. The firm side still has some flexibility and the soft side still has some support. If you prefer your mattress to be either rock hard or floor soft, keep searching. Layla estimates the firmness of the soft side to be 4/10, while the firm side comes in at 7/10. If you want to make the mattress even softer, you can add a Layla topper on either side for an additional fee.

Layla hybrid mattress

The Layla Hybrid mattress is rolled up in a travel bag, but is quite heavy.

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Layla Hybrid Mattress Review: Pricing

The Layla Hybrid costs regularly as follows: Twin ($ 1299), Twin XL ($ 1399), Full ($ 1599), Queen ($ 1699), King ($ 1899), Cal King ($ 1899). The prices are reasonable for the quality.

Layla is currently running a spring sale that includes $ 200 off your mattress and two free pillows. Check the website for any sales before purchasing. Add-ons such as bamboo sheets ($ 145), mattress foundation ($ 249- $ 399, depending on size), and additional pillows ($ 99 each) can be ordered for an additional fee.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Review: Delivery and Returns

The Layla Hybrid mattress is usually delivered within 5-6 working days. Layla offers free shipping to the lower 48 states. Shipping costs apply to orders from Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. Layla does not charge you for returns.

You can try the Layla hybrid mattress for 120 nights with a money-back guarantee. If after at least two weeks you decide you don’t love the mattress, get your money back with no questions asked. Layla works with nonprofit and nonprofit organizations to reuse returned mattresses so that returned products are not wasted.

Since Layla is convinced of its mattress, it offers a 10-year guarantee against sagging and cracking in the foam. All Layla mattresses are made in the USA by American employees.

Layla hybrid mattress

The structured polygon surface contributes to the comfort.

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Should I buy a Layla Hybrid mattress?

I enjoyed sleeping on the Layla Hybrid mattress. As a side sleeper, I felt comfortable on both the firm and the softer side. My spouse, a back sleeper, preferred the softer side but had no discomfort after sleeping on the firmer side. Overall, I would recommend the Layla Hybrid as a comfortable option for most sleepers.

Today’s Best Layla Hybrid Mattress Deals

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