Lance’s Carpet, Window & Tile Cleaning adds sanitizing fog technology for COVID-19 cleaning

–A message from Lance’s carpet, window and tile cleaning–

–Lance’s Carpet, Window and Tile Cleaning offers disinfectant mist with COVID-19 cleaning service. “Disinfectant mist is the finishing touch we apply after everything else has been cleaned and disinfected,” said Lance Clairmont, owner and operator.

Fogging distributes fine disinfectant particles that cannot be reached even with thorough cleaning. “The process adds another layer of disinfectant to everything, including curtains and upholstery. Fog can penetrate the smallest crack or seam, ”said Clairmont.

Who benefits from hygiene and disinfection?

Businesses preparing to open and businesses or private homes where an employee or family member has tested positive for COVID-19 can benefit from thorough cleaning and hygiene. Anyone who cares about cleanliness and hygiene can benefit from Lance’s carpet, window and tile cleaning service.

“We follow CDC-recommended hygiene protocols and use EPA-approved cleaning and disinfecting solutions,” said Clairmont. A typical COVID-19 cleaning and sanitation process with Lance’s carpet, window and tile cleaning includes:

  • Deep steam cleaning for carpets and upholstery with a special disinfectant solution
  • Cleaning floors, counters, tile work, and other hard surfaces with disinfectant solutions
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all rooms in the house or business or only in certain rooms
  • A final misting of the cleaned rooms to add another level of disinfection and disinfection

The company will do some or all of the floor-to-ceiling cleaning and will even clean the windows if the client so wishes. “We start with a consultation, and then our customers tell us what they want to renovate. We are also happy to make recommendations and answer all of our customers’ questions. “

When experience counts

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have released protocols for disinfecting homes, businesses, public spaces, schools, and a variety of other buildings where people gather, live, and work. Regardless of the facility, the CDC emphasizes that normal cleaning – simply removing dust, stains, or food debris – is not the same as disinfecting. The purpose of disinfection is to kill viruses and bacteria that may lurk in rooms that cannot normally be reached during typical cleaning.

It is also recommended to regularly disinfect frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant sprays or wipes. However, thorough professional cleaning and disinfection can give people great security. Professional disinfection can also meet the requirements of the local health department for businesses and public spaces.

Lance’s Carpet, Window & Tile Cleaning has been serving the community since 2007 and is recognized as a leader in detailed cleaning. After the work is finished, sparkling tiles, windows and floors as well as fresh air are left over. Clairmont is known for doing everything possible to ensure satisfaction.

Achieving great results and tackling the toughest tasks requires experience and knowledge. It is not always enough to vacuum, steam, wipe and wipe surfaces. Thorough and thorough cleaning requires an understanding of the materials being cleaned and the most appropriate solutions for the task at hand. Thorough work also requires experience in a wide variety of situations. From regular carpet steam cleaning to sparkling windows and tiles to cleaning and sanitizing to remove heavy stains, odors and pathogens, Lance’s Carpet, Window and Tile Cleaning is the company you can trust.

Lance’s carpet, window and tile cleaning facility is located in Paso Robles. Call (805) 423-7822 for an appointment and consultation.

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