Kidsafe Victoria warn parents over the danger of falls from furniture

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Parents have been warned to be careful when choosing kindergarten furniture and to ensure that the furniture is properly assembled to prevent toddlers from being injured if they fall at home.

The Kidsafe Victoria Alert comes after new figures show 386 children in the state needed hospital treatment between 2019 and 20 after injuring themselves on cots, changing tables and high chairs.

Statistics from the Victorian Injury Surveillance Unit (VISU) matched seven children a week, with 88 percent of their injuries being caused by falls, prompting safety officials to remind parents of the dangers.

Eight-year-old Taral was injured in a fall as a baby.

Eight-year-old Taral was injured in a fall as a baby. Photo: Delivered

Especially if the furniture wasn’t put together properly, said general manager Jason Chambers.

“While all children get bruised and bruised easily as they grow, falls can also lead to far more serious injuries. In addition to choosing safe kindergarten furniture and equipment, it is important that these items are properly set up and used to reduce the number of injuries. ” Risk of falls and other injuries, “he said.

Mr. Chambers also cautioned parents to be extra vigilant when children start rolling, crawling, or standing. During this time, parents can be surprised by their new found mobility. .

“Babies develop new skills quickly – they fidget from birth and it doesn’t take long for them to learn to spin. Once they start rolling, they can move quickly and be in danger in seconds,” he said.

“For kindergarten items like changing tables, it may be safer to change children on the floor on a towel or changing mat if they look like they’re going to be more mobile.”

It’s a scenario that a mother of two also wants to warn Michelle about after his son Taral fell seriously injured from his changing table at the age of 11 months.

“He was crying but began to settle in my arms. I thought I’d better call the nurse on call when he fell over three feet on a very thin carpet,” she said.

“He showed no signs of a head injury – no vomiting or passing out. I’m not sure why I should go to the hospital, it was just a mother’s instinct – I knew he had to be there. It turned out that he had a fractured skull and massive bleeding in his brain. “

He was placed in an induced coma and after spending 16 days in the hospital to treat the acquired brain injury – including removing a 4 cm piece of skull – Michelle was able to take him home.

The fall left the man, now eight, long-lasting and significant, including neurological, behavioral and physical disabilities.

Kidsafe Victoria’s safety tips to reduce the risk of falls:

  • Always keep one hand on your baby when he’s on a changing table
  • Keep everything you need to change your baby within easy reach, such as diapers, cream, and wipes
  • If it’s convenient, moving your child on a towel or changing mat at floor level may be safer, especially if they look like they’re getting more mobile
  • Always strap children into their high chair with the belt and supervise them at all times
  • Remove all objects from the cot that you could use as a climbing aid
  • If your crib has an adjustable base, be sure to put it on the lowest setting as soon as your child can sit unaided
  • When a child watches them try to climb out of a crib and look like they might succeed, it’s time to put them in a bed

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