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KENDALLVILLE – Lots of townspeople are preparing for new garbage and recycling services when Kendallville started picking up across town this year with Noble County Disposal. The city will send out some additional information to help residents make the switch.

Check your utility bill for the next month, and you should expect to receive an updated fact sheet on the front and back with reminders to recycle and a best-of question and answer that addresses some of the most common questions that arise the city has received.

Kendallville started Noble County Disposal this year with weekly trash hauling across the city and recycling every two weeks after the city offered services in the summer of 2020.

Kendallville, one of the last communities in the area without a single garbage truck, raised the issue back in 2018 to ensure all residents have a garbage service. The city found that most of the complaints about trash, trash and debris, as well as complaints about open burning, came from land that hadn’t signed a garbage service contract with anyone, resulting in garbage either piling up, dumped illegally, or incinerated .

However, the plan was postponed for two years after the fire and the cleaning of the McCray Refrigerator factory before city guides reopened it in 2020.

Aside from roadside transportation, city residents are also given curb pickup days twice a year, which has proven popular with city residents over the past two years.

Residents pay $ 13.38 a month for trash and recycling, a rate the city has set for the next five years. Compared to individual contracts, many residents said the price saves them about $ 20 every three months compared to what they paid before.

So far there have been some setbacks with the garbage service and requests from some residents who want to unsubscribe from the service.

Kendallville has not allowed opt-outs, but the city’s Labor and Public Safety Department has announced that it will develop and announce a policy at its January 26th meeting.

In the meantime, the city is sending out some helpful reminders to residents who may have missed the first time about how to make the most of their new weekly service.

There are some recycle reminders listed on the front of the page that is shipped, with the recycle being picked up on the first and third week of the month.

Residents are reminded not to pack their recyclables in plastic bags, as packaged items are more difficult to sort in the recycling center. Items that can be recycled are:

• Plastics: Milk jugs, water bottles, detergent bottles and plastics labeled No. 1 – No. 7 Glass: Bottles and glasses only. Remove all lids and rings. Must be rinsed out. No window pane or lightbulbs.

• Steel food cans, tin cans, aluminum cans, aluminum foil and cake plates: all must be washed and free of food residues.

• Cardboard: chipboard, corrugated cardboard, cereal boxes, shipping boxes and uncoated boxes. All boxes must be dismantled.

• Newspaper: Please make sure to bundle them up or put them in paper bags.

Items that cannot be recycled include styrofoam, plastic bags, paper, books, magazines, junk mail, or regular mailers. Containers with these items can be skipped.

See the back of the upcoming mailer for information on questions and answers from city officials, with the city selecting some of the most common issues to be included in the reminder.

These elements contain information about when cans must be deposited and withdrawn. Where and how are cans placed for easy collection? how to request and get a smaller bag if you want; how to arrange for the collection of extra items that do not fit in the weekly bag; Which items can and cannot be disposed of in trash cans? how to replace containers if one is damaged, lost or stolen.

The city also reminds residents that if they move to a different address to leave their cans where they used to live, the bags will be coded at specific addresses.

“Please leave your bag at the current address as the bags are tracked by their serial number, which is linked to the address they were delivered to. You must call the Kendallville City Clerk’s office at 347-0852 for more information if you move, “states FAQs.

For billing questions, call the Kendallville City clerk’s office at 347-0852. If you have any problems with the bag, contact Noble County Disposal 349-9150.

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