Kashmiri woman alleges landlady called her ‘terrorist’, removed her furniture

A woman in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar has alleged that she was targeted by her landlady as a “Kashmiri”, called a “terrorist” and that her furniture was removed in her absence, police said Thursday. One case was recorded on the Thursday following her complaint, one day after the incident.

“She has further alleged that her landlady broke into her apartment and took away her money and furniture and in a wrong case framed it. She also stated that the man pushed her and the landlady attacked her in front of police officers.” Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) said.

The Srinagar woman claimed that her landlady entered the house with a man and called her and her friend “terrorists” because they are from Kashmiri.

The DCW has adopted the Suo-Moto knowledge on this topic. Calling it a very serious matter, the DCW said: “It was reported that a Kashmiri girl shared her ordeal on the social media platform” Twitter “in which she recounted the incident that happened to her.”

DCW boss @SwatiJaiHind notifies the Delhi police about alleged assault and harassment with a Kashmiri girl in Delhi.

The Delhi Women’s Commission @SwatiJaiHind has notified the Delhi Police in connection with the attack on a Kashmiri girl living in Delhi. pic.twitter.com/XrwhffVDM5

– Delhi Commission for Women – DCW (@DCWDelhi) October 15, 2020

In view of the above, please provide the following information to the Commission: 1. Copy of the FIR registered on the matter; 2. Whether a defendant has been arrested on the matter? If so, please provide the details thereof. If not, please state the reasons for the defendant’s failure to arrest; 3. a copy of the complaint made on the matter on previous occasions, if any, and details of the action taken. “

It was also asked: “4. Details of suspected police officers present on site and actions taken against them; 5. Measures taken by the Delhi police to ensure the safety of the girl and her friends and 6. Detailed action report taken on the matter . “The DCW obtained information by October 19th.

“We received a PCR call about theft of a woman’s home. When we got there, it was announced that the house was rented to two sisters. Both are from Srinagar. The PCR call was made by their landlady,” said a senior police officer said. The official said the tenant alleged that her landlady broke the locks on the house and removed furniture, as well as stole clothes and rupees 20,000.

The landlady had also submitted a written complaint in this regard, which was also being examined, he said. “So my landlady comes into my house with a man I’ve never seen in my whole life and calls me and my friends? TERRORISTS”, just because we are from KASHMIR, in front of a police officer. They entered it, broke in and our money, furniture, “she claimed in her tweet. She claimed that her landlady had also abused her.

“Then she accused us of stealing the furniture that she took from here even when we were gone. She calls us names, abuses us and provokes us. The man literally pushed me, and the landlady tried to get me too attack all before me. ” from DELHI POLICE, “she claimed in her tweet. However, police said they were investigating the man who allegedly accompanied the landlady.

Swati Maliwal, head of the Delhi Commission for Women, replied to her tweet: “This is shocking and shameful. The DCW team is in contact. We will make sure that action is taken!”

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