Junk Removal Franchise Rubbish Works Is the Newest Addition To Premium Service Brands’ Thriving Portfolio

The multi-brand franchisor Premium Service Brands has expanded its flourishing network to include another high-quality franchise company.

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“Premium Service Brands is always looking to grow in ways that both benefit and enhance our existing brands, and that is exactly what Rubbish Works does,” said Lin. “Most service jobs are going to generate waste, and now we have trash work to step in and do that work when it is needed.”

This means that Rubbish Works’ franchisees have an integrated network of prospects and referrals. The brand will also benefit from Premium Service Brands’ dedication to providing world-class customer service, which Lin said was a focus of the brand’s waste management focus.

“We’re always looking for brands that match our mission to provide world-class customer service,” said Lin. “When we looked at Rubbish Works and saw that they shared that philosophy, we knew this was going to be a great match.”

In January, Premium Service Brands acquired Renew Crew, a brand known for its customer philosophy and world-class outdoor cleaning services. After only a few months under the umbrella of the Premium Service Brands, the owners of the Renew Crew have strong figures such Jerry lesh who saw their revenue grow by 30%.

“With Rubbish Works being integrated into the proven process of Premium Service Brands, we are confident that the brand will grow with the success we have seen with other recently acquired brands,” said Lin. “We look forward to applying our operational, training, technology and marketing support best practices to Rubbish Works and building the brand nationally.”

Headquarters in Charlottesville, VA, Premium Service Brands (PSB) is a leader in franchise offerings for home services. For more information on franchising opportunities, please visit https://www.premiumservicebrands.com/

SOURCE Premium Service Brands

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