Junk Removal Co. Expands to NKY with Focus on Opportunities for Veterans

Expanding a business into a new area is challenging, no matter in the middle of a pandemic, but JDog Removal & Hauling in Alexandria is thriving. They find creative ways to “spin” and local veterans and military families benefit from jobs during a period of record unemployment.

“That’s what I enjoy most about running this business,” said Shawn Stroop, owner of JDog. “I have the opportunity to do my part in lowering the unemployment rate for veterans by hiring veterans and their family members.”

According to the US Department of Labor, the unemployment rate for veterans in 2019 was 3.1 percent. In Kentucky, the rate is 4.6 percent.

Stroop has a heart for veterans and military family members as he is a retired officer and combat veteran with nearly 23 years of service. A native of Cincinnati, he joined in 1989 and served in several campaigns including Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf, Defense of Korea, and Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia.

In 1997 he received the Green-to-Gold scholarship and attended Morehead State University, where he was deployed as a lieutenant in 2000.

“Since then, I have served on several missions in support of the global war on terrorism in Africa and Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom,” he said.

His notable military achievements include the Award of the Bronze Star, the Double Medal of Merit for Defense, the Double Medal of Merit for the Army, the Quadruple Medal of Merit for the Army, the Quadruple Medal of Commendation for the Army, the Medal for Common Service, and the Triple Medal of Merit of the Army.

After Stroop retired in 2013, he continued to serve as senior civil and technical director for the U.S. Air Force on site.

“However, because I have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), I wanted to fight for myself and become an entrepreneur on a daily basis,” said Stroop. “JDog was surrounded by the long-standing values ​​of respect, integrity and trust, and they went perfectly with them. I could start a business with the same camaraderie I’ve seen in the military. Veterans often get along well, and from my experience dealing with PTSD this has been a natural endeavor. “

Stroop currently resides in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania where he operates JDog Jun Removal & Hauling JDog Carpet Cleaning. He also started a JDog in Cincinnati and has now expanded into northern Kentucky.

In Northern Kentucky, JDog offers residential and commercial waste disposal, property cleaning, equipment removal, and easy demolition.

“We will continue to expand our garbage disposal capacity in the greater Cincinnati area over the next two to three years,” said Stroop. In addition, we plan to expand our services to include carpet cleaning within the next 18 months. “

According to Stroop, JDog is not just a company but “an experience”.

“A customer has the option to hire a hero, and we have the option to help the community,” he said. “By inviting a veteran to remove your unwanted items, you are hiring a full-service garbage disposal specialist who follows the same values ​​of service with respect, integrity and trust.”

Written by Melissa Reinert, RCN contributor

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