Junk removal businesses are booming

Joey’s Junk Removal is based in Troy, but they travel all over the capital area getting rid of things you don’t want.

Right after the shutdown, the first few weeks were slow. It seemed that people were nervous. Then it started to pick up and business is booming these days.

They offer everything from dumpsters to full property cleans and interior demos.

Joe Pasinello says they pick up anything you don’t want and that they can take it legally.

But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so Joe opened a thrift store next door a few years ago.

“We do a lot of new things too. We are emptying stores. We basically emptied Amazon! A guy got out of his house because he had too much stuff in his house, so the city said to get rid of everything,” said Pasinello. “So we took everything out and a lot of it was brand new pots and pans, still wrapped, brand new pressure cookers, brand new toaster ovens.”

The shop will reopen as soon as the state gives clearance.

Joe says there is a sense of urgency for his customers these days to get rid of trash.

“Oh yes. Oh absolutely,” he said with a laugh. “They want it to work, they want it to work now. You know. Even though it sat there for five years!”

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