Junk Patrol Provides Removal Services with an Eco-Friendly Philosophy – Press Release

Lincoln, CA – February 12, 2021 – Junk has a way of building up, and the sheer volume can easily sneak up on homeowners and businesses. Most people are unable to get rid of this. They don’t have the equipment, time, or know how to properly dispose of it. The experienced Junk Patrol, LLC team has the knowledge and equipment to clean up old, unwanted, or faulty items.

Junk Patrol offers private and business customers services to clean up and take the stress out of removing unwanted items. Many people try a do-it-yourself approach that results in strain, sprain, and other types of injuries. The Junk Patrol team works safely and protects customers from possible injury. The company remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic, is taking appropriate precautions and is currently hiring new employees.

Customers can call or book an appointment online and receive a free call 30 minutes before the team arrives. Customers and the Junk Patrol team negotiate a price in advance and same day appointments are available. Junk Patrol is also committed to the environment. The company accepts a wide range of e-waste, recycles approximately 80 percent of all waste transported, and donates items that can be salvaged.

The company removes a wide variety of garden debris and unwanted items. Junk Patrol accepts furniture and mattresses, televisions, refrigerators, and other types of equipment. The company also works with commercial clients, contractors, investors, and real estate agents to conduct foreclosures.

Hot tubs and spas are common in many places and are one of the most difficult to get rid of. The items are large, bulky, heavy, and dealers rarely offer removal services. Junk Patrol provides quick and efficient hot tub and hot tub removal so customers can reclaim their space.

Junk Patrol is a central point of contact for the removal of unwanted, defective and defective items for private and business customers. All items are recycled whenever possible and salvageable items are donated. This offers an environmentally friendly and stress free solution for the customers.

Further information can be found at: https://www.junkpatrolca.com/

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Name of the company: Junk Patrol LLC
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Country: United States
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