Junk King’s “Dump Truck” Vs. “Lovestruck” Campaign Wants to Know Who Will Reign Supreme this Valentine’s Day: Broken Hearted or Lovebirds

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The National Eco-Friendly Junk Removal Company is running an awareness campaign for American Heart Month

February 02, 2021 // Franchising.com // BURLINGAME, California – This Valentine’s Day season, the “Dump Truck” and “Lovestruck” campaigns are fighting for the “King of Hearts” title.

Junk King, the nation’s leading eco-friendly garbage disposal and transportation company, brings people around the country together to fall in love with their ex’s garbage disposal, all for a good cause. The fourth annual “Dump Truck” campaign enables people to toss their ex-lover’s forgotten items – old photos, teddy bears, hackneyed gifts and more – into their trucks for free. For each item dropped, Junk King will donate $ 1 to the American Heart Association up to $ 500, with a maximum of two items per person.

Dump trucks will stop at companies in the following cities on February 14: the Bay Area, Boca Raton, Cincinnati, Fresno, and Kansas City.

Those lucky enough to find their true match will have a chance to prove the strength of their love as well. To enter, couples are asked to share a photo of themselves and what they love about their partner on Facebook using the hashtag #JKLovestruck and tag their participating Junk King location as well as the Junk King franchise.

“Lovestruck” runs Feb.1-14 with multiple Junk King locations in California, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, and Texas. Junk King is committed to donating up to $ 500 to the American Heart Association for each submission, with a maximum of $ 1 per submission.

“Giving back, no matter how big or small the action, has always been a driving force for us here at Junk King,” said Michael Andreacchi, CEO of Junk King. “We want to raise awareness about American Heart Month and support the American Heart Association’s efforts to fund research and treatment for heart disease by engaging our local communities in unique and engaging ways.”

As part of the brand’s year-round commitment to environmental awareness, all items thrown on the “dump truck” are brought to a large warehouse to make it easier to manage and sort the materials. In fact, more than sixty percent of the junk collected from Junk King jobs is recycled rather than sent to landfill. Through partnerships with local nonprofits and community organizations, the remaining items will be donated and used for residents in the United States.

At the national level, the company’s green approach to garbage disposal is a major reason businesses and homeowners alike choose Junk King. Customers also benefit from the brand’s state-of-the-art technology systems that make it easier to schedule a pick-up in real time and provide the ability to use the new price estimator to get even more accurate estimates. Only a few clicks are required via the online booking system. Junk King can be scheduled and the job completed within minutes.

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