Junk Jeeves to Bring White Glove Service & Low Prices to the Junk Removal Youngstown Industry

Good service is more than just treating your customers properly. Junk Jeeves pledges to do this and more. Leveraging technology and connecting with good, old-fashioned customer service, Junk Jeeves offers a convenient process of getting rid of junk, from pricing to saying goodbye. Customers can book online, by phone or text, and even get a video estimate using the features available on your average smartphone. Additionally, customers can have peace of mind knowing that all the guys and gals at Junk Jeeves are licensed, insured, and backed up, and aware of what it’s like to be a customer yourself.

Anyone who has ever let a service technician trample through the carpet with dirty work boots or show up in an unwashed uniform knows that hiring a service agent can be problematic. The name “Jeeves” was carefully chosen to portray the image of a tidy butler willing to serve customers with pride and responsibility – something the garbage disposal industry has lacked. “We are fed up with cheap work at the expense of safety and professionalism.” says Junk Jeeves founder. “At Junk Jeeves, we offer both great service and prices that will make you smile.”

Junk Jeeves is now accepting bookings and even hiring good people!

For more information and a free online quote, visit JunkJeeves.com

About Junk Jeeves LLC

Junk Jeeves LLC is a veteran-owned, affordable garbage disposal company that the Youngstown, labyrinth, Trumbull County and environment. Advance prices and offers online. Just write Jeeves at 330-977-5432.

Press contact: Junk Jeeves
[email protected]

Website: http://junkjeeves.com/

SOURCE Junk Jeeves LLC

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