Judge junks Macomb trash titan Chuck Rizzo’s request for prison break

Detroit – Garbage titan Chuck Rizzo won’t leave federal prison early after a judge refused to cut the businessman’s sentence for bribing politicians and stealing money from the garbage trucking company he built into a regional power plant.

US District Judge Robert Cleland issued the decision that revealed a secret request from the Bloomfield Hills businessman to be released nearly two years early. His application is sealed, but Rizzo claimed he deserved an early release because he continued to work on ongoing federal criminal investigations and his son was grappling with his father’s detention, according to a court case on Friday.

Prosecutors disagreed and questioned the credibility of the information Rizzo has provided since his conviction two years ago.

“The government also argues that the circumstances surrounding the defendant’s son do not warrant early release as the defendant’s wife continues to act as their son’s full-time caregiver and the defendant’s family has an abundance of assets – in the range of $ 39,000,000 – to provide additional care if necessary, “wrote the judge.

49-year-old Rizzo is serving a 66-month sentence in a Florida prison and is not due to be released until December 2022.

Rizzo environmental services

He is one of the central figures in a widespread corruption scandal that has drawn Macomb County politicians, business mogul Gasper Fiore and Detroit police officers.

Rizzo bought cheap politicians – $ 206,000 secured the votes of elected leaders in four parishes – and corrupted tens of millions of municipal garbage contracts received by his Sterling Heights-based company, prosecutors said.

The corruption scandal has resulted in criminal convictions of politicians across Macomb County, including Chesterfield Township, New Haven and Macomb Township. A total of 22 people have been convicted of crimes and prosecutors continue to focus on former Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco.

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