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Following a partnership with Ikea, the Dutch recyclers Renewi and RetourMatras have opened a new mattress recycling facility in Zeeland. The site can process more than 400,000 discarded mattresses per year.

Now that the new facility has opened its doors, the Netherlands can recycle more than a million post-consumers Mattresses yearly. The project partners determine that this is the third own recycling facility in the region. They expect all Dutch mattresses to have to be recycled from January 2021 until the end of their life.

A large part is currently being burned. The new recycling hub is intended to offer a 100% sustainable solution for the recovery of metals, textiles, latex and polyurethane foam. An estimated 90% is used to make new mattresses.

Nanne Fiole, CEO of RetourMatras (right).

“The addition of another recycling location to the list fits in perfectly with our vision of not disposing of any more waste,” says Renewi CEO Meinderdjan Botma. ‘It allows us to play a critical role as the industry moves towards a circular economy. It’s also nice to see a big player like Ikea taking responsibility. ‘

“Ikea exceeds all mattress sales in the Netherlands,” adds Alberic Pater, country development manager at Ikea, who aims to be “fully circular” by 2030. This means that all of the materials in its products must either be recyclable or made from recycled content.

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