I Tried the TikTok-Famous Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner

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Last August, I moved from one tiny apartment to another. When my landscape changed, I wasn’t sure how to thoroughly clean my carpets without investing in a standard carpet cleaner. Most cost hundreds of dollars and required at least a few square feet for storage.

Of all people, I didn’t know that I would find my solution on TikTok. When I watched a viral video about Bissell’s Little Green, a pint-sized multipurpose cleaner, I knew it was exactly what my small space needed.

Bissell sent me the device to try for free, but believe me when I say I would have spent $ 110 on one earlier if I had known what it was capable of. The Little Green is a true all-rounder and is equipped with everything you need to clean carpets, rugs and other upholstered surfaces. Not only is the price pretty accessible, but the size too – at 12.5 “by 17.25” it fits perfectly in the last remaining corner of my front closet.

The cleaner was installed in just a few minutes and required a single screwdriver. From there, all I had to do was fill the clean water tank to the stated capacity and add a few drops of Bissell’s cleaning solution (although any liquid carpet cleaner will do). After plugging it in and flipping the switch, I went to the races.

Cleaning with the Little Green may have been even easier than prep. I tried it on a five by eight foot rug and the whole process took less than 25 minutes. The cleaner’s brush attachment has a spray device and a suction component. It was as easy to use as pushing the spray button and dragging the brush towards me over the same spot. I repeated the spraying and pulling until the pure water tank was empty and it only took me seconds to refill before I went back to work.

Little Green has a dirty water tank too, and when I finished it was filled to the brim with opaque brown liquid. To clean it before storing, I emptied the dirty tank and ran water over the brush attachment to rinse the dirt hose. Meanwhile, my once dirty carpet looked like new and improved the appearance of the entire room.

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