I Tested the Casper Wave Mattress and All This Crazy Stuff Happened

On an otherwise average Tuesday, an email from Casper popped up in my inbox asking if I would like to test out their new Wave mattress. Duh, I wanted to try his “breakthrough mattress” with a “patent pending carrier system” [that] actively reflects the shape of your body at 36 specific points for the deepest and most restful sleep. “I know being an editor is a very difficult task. Fast forward a month. I slept a little on the Casper Wave for more than 30 days and so much has happened. Since I interview people for a living, it only made sense to me to tell this story through an interview with myself.

How did the delivery process go?

I quickly arranged for the mattress to be delivered later this week. Not just any delivery, but delivery with white gloves. I’m sorry to tell you that in fact no white gloves were involved. However, a delivery man lifted the 109-pound mattress up the four flights of stairs – 60 very rickety steps – to my apartment. For this he deserves two weeks vacation.

I had told the Casper rep that I would take my old mattress away when the new one comes because I don’t seem to have any loyalty when it comes to sleeping areas. (My IKEA mattress was seven years old anyway, and The Better Sleep Council says it’s time for a replacement at this point. Yes, I looked this up afterwards to make me feel better.) But I found that there was no mattress. After all, the request for removal was on the file, which meant I had to move the old mattress myself, which resulted in paying the delivery man to help me pull the overly heavy thing down the stairs. I questioned everything in life for 20 minutes but it all ended up with watching the Casper Wave inflate to full size on my bed frame, an admittedly very satisfying experience.

In case you’re wondering, Casper was appalled and sent me a set of sheets and pillows for my problems. (As you will remember, life as an editor is very difficult.)

How does it feel?

I immediately threw myself on the mattress quite aggressively to see what would happen. My first impression: instead of being airy and bouncy, the Casper Wave is tight; There are some serious contractions – but to make that clear, it’s the good way. I lay on my back and noticed that my hips and shoulders were lower in the mattress than the other parts of my body, as Casper had announced. Same when I was on my side. (According to the website, “precise contouring under your shoulders relieves pressure and helps align the spine properly for all sleeping positions. A reinforced polymer network complements the curves of your back and hips for firmer support where you need it most.” ) Once I wrung a couple of sheets on the mattress (is there anyone who doesn’t hate making their bed ?!) I fell asleep easily.

It looked exactly like I was testing the Casper Wave without the beautiful apartment.

Photo: Courtesy of Casper

Is it worth the cost?

A Queen Casper Wave costs $ 1,995 – that’s an awkward percentage of my paycheck and $ 1,000 more than the original Casper. Granted, the Wave has an additional fifth layer of foam and this “precise support at 36 points” compared to the general zone support of the original. It delivers what Casper says it will deliver: my shoulders and hips definitely felt more rocker than the old mattress, and the foam never let me overheat. It’s a lot of money no matter what, but if you really care about these features, you might find it worth it.

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