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This new app is the delivery of clothes repairs

From spring cleaning to selling sprees to donations from charity shops and TikTok-inspired adjustments, the time and space allowed us to wear real clothes every day (our loungewear had rotated a lot in 2020) to look at our existing wardrobe with fresh eyes. However, one thing we haven’t been able to do thanks to statewide lockdowns is to have the clothes that need a little love repaired and repaired. Sure, we’ve invested in mothballs and dust bags, leather wax (those Dr. Martens won’t clean themselves!), And ocean-friendly, delicate wash fluid, but when it comes to mending, changing, and trimming you sometimes need a second pair of hands – and a more nifty set. Enter: Sojo. The new app released today is designed to make your path to a more sustainable wardrobe a little easier. The premise is simple: put in your zip code, decide which local seaman is best for your request, choose what to do, from hems (a boom for petite people) to zippers on dresses, and a bike courier rides a bike to collect your item. Et voila: Your piece will be returned ready to wear within 5 days. The app was created when founder Josephine Philips faced a fashion problem: “I had said goodbye to the fast fashion industry and was shopping almost exclusively second-hand, but I kept finding amazing clothes that I loved that weren’t mine Size, ”she tells Refinery29 before starting. “I wanted to customize it but didn’t know how to sew and thought it would be too much time and effort to get someone to do it. In keeping with Gen Z’s spirit, I decided it would be fabulous if I could do it with my phone in a few simple clicks. I realized that this could bring changes and repairs to clothing for so many people, which would mean incredible things to the circular fashion movement – so I was determined to actually expand the idea, create something that would match my values ​​and have an impact Make fashion more sustainable. “Although Josephine cannot pinpoint the exact start of her sustainability journey, she was brought to life from her feminist journey. Last year’s coverage of unpaid high street orders and penniless textile workers awakened many to the reality of a broken fashion system. “I saw how garment workers (who are mostly women of color) were being exploited in really shocking ways by the big high street fast fashion brands,” she says. “As I read more about it, I realized that in order to be successful, I couldn’t support brands that relied on an oppressive business structure and strategy. For this reason I started looking for different shopping options, for example at Depop or sustainable brands. In doing so, I learned so much more about all the environmental aspects of fast fashion – from then on there was no real way back. “By connecting customers with local tailors easily, Sojo is not only a fantastic resource for those who don’t live near a tailor or can’t leave home, but it was also important to Josephine to highlight small businesses that might be troubled have also been in the pandemic. “Many of these local seafarers have decades of experience and the services they provide are of the highest standard, but there is an interruption in tapping into the younger population,” she says. “I didn’t want them and their trades are part of the ‘dying high street’ and thought that their businesses and expertise deserve to be platformed and supported instead of us creating a model that brings our own sailors into the home. ” Especially in the current climate, I think that it is more important than ever to underte them and their companies as much as possible and I’m glad Sojo can really make this easier and help their businesses stay afloat for the moment and then hopefully thrive. ” So what’s first on Josephine’s list of things to trim? “It’s no exaggeration to say that I have more than ten items in a special ‘change’ area of ​​my drawer that I need to use Sojo for,” she says. “I would say the Hugo Boss two piece suit, which I bought at a charity shop for £ 20 about 6 months ago, was too big for me – but I knew it would be perfect if I cut it to my size Download Sojo here starting today. Do you like what you see? How about a little more R29 grade right here?

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